Trucking Nation Podcast | 22 E-file Form 2290, IFTA Deadline, & Making Your Meals Healthy

The world keeps on spinning, and I hope you’re enjoying the ride. This week’s Trucking Nation Podcast has some important deadline information for you and a simple way to make your meals a bit more healthy. Now, I know when someone says, “it’s simple,” it doesn’t always pan out that way, but I promise it’s easy. Hit that play button, and let’s start the good vibes and happy times!

Here’s the Rundown:

E-file Form 2290

It’s time to file your 2290, and the best way to do it is to e-file with You can completely avoid the IRS office, and having to take time off work to get this done, by simply e-filing your 2290. You just need your Employer Identification Number (EIN), VIN, debit/credit card for the filing fee, and it helps to know the different IRS payment options to pay the actual tax before you get started. I go through each one and thoroughly explain what they are.

You can e-file your 2290 from any location with the ExpressTruckTax App; free to download for all iOS and Android devices.

2nd Quarter IFTA Deadline

It’s time to file your IFTA return. You can do this in your TruckLogics account if you have it all set up, or you can head over to ExpressIFTA has specific filing instructions for each state jurisdiction and if you have any questions, they have amazing customer support.

Making Your Meals Healthy

There is a great story making its way through news feeds about a trucker out of Mississippi that went vegan and lost 65 lbs. Going vegan is great, but might not be something you want to do. An easy way to make your meals healthier is to think in terms of colors. Thinking of foods in terms of colors is a lot easier than thinking of them based on nutrient value and calories. You want a lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey) and a mix of colors for your vegetables. Think greens, reds, whites, and yellows. You don’t have to combine them all, but you want the majority of your plate to be colorful vegetables. And don’t forget to drink water. Water is what is going to flush out all the toxins and bad stuff in your body and really help you feel better.

Thank you so much for listening. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. I am changing things up for future podcasts. We’re going to dive into the wonderful world of business management. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but I’m going to break it down and simplify it for you, so you can efficiently manage your trucking business and increase profits. Sharing is caring, right? I have a lot of business savvy knowledge to share, and I know it will make your life easier.

Remember, you get what you give in this world, so be kind and enjoy the ride. I’ll talk to you next week – Misty Noel.

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