7 Amazing Ways Women Are Changing The Trucking Industry

You know what’s pretty cool? Being a trucker. You get the freedom of the open road. As you work there are no annoying coworkers breathing down your neck, unless you drive in a team, because it’s just you in your rig.

You get to drive on some of the most beautiful roads in the nation. You also get to make fun discoveries, like when you find out some of the best Mexican food, comes from a Citco in rural North Carolina with only 6 parking spaces for trucks. But, you know what’s cooler than being a trucker? Being a lady trucker. Check out how women are changing the trucking industry.

How Women Are Changing The Trucking Industry

1. They’re Making It Safer

The secret is out, women are great drivers. Women have proven themselves as safer drivers in the trucking industry with about a 25% lower accident cost than men. Now more companies would like to save on these costs so they’re actually recruiting female drivers.

2. Customer Service Is Being Improved

Women know how to talk to people. They are better with customers and with dissolving heated situations. Ladies know how to communicate in an effective and professional manner and don’t react with anger as often as men do.

3. Recruiting Methods Are Changing

Companies want to attract female drivers so they’re changing the way they recruit people with more female-friendly techniques. Historically the trucking industry has been an intimidating, male-dominated industry. Now they are trying to make their environment warm and inviting. A number of trucking companies are even offering equal wages for women drivers.

4. Women Are Decreasing The Driver Shortage

It’s no secret that there is a huge driver shortage in the trucking industry that’s paired with a huge turnover rate. Companies have had tons of trouble hiring younger drivers. As older truckers retire the industry faces a lot of trouble. However, women are found to be reliable drivers that are filling the gap.

5. Quality Of Work Is Improving

Ladies seemed to be extremely detailed. Their paperwork has fewer errors and their neater handwriting makes it easier to read. It seems as if ladies and more dependable to meet important paperwork deadlines, and their work doesn’t seem rushed.

6. Training Time Is Decreasing

Companies have found that they like training ladies to take the wheel because they seem to pick up training faster than their male counterparts. That means companies can hire women and provide them with their CDL to have more safe and dependable drivers on the road in a shorter amount of time.

7. The Female Voice is Growing

The number of women driving semis might be increasing, but ladies have been driving big rigs for years. Now many organizations like the Women in Trucking give ladies a place to speak about their experiences. They also offer a network of support to encourage more women to join the industry and minimize the obstacles they face.

We’re Proud of Lady Truckers

TruckLogics is proud of the women taking to the road to deliver goods across the nation. For both men and women trucking is a challenging job and our economy would collapse without you. If you’re a lady trucker and proud please let us know in the comment section below.

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