5 Mistakes that Make you Look Like a Rookie Trucker

Every year, new drivers set out behind the wheel of a big rig.

And every year rookie truckers face driver burnout due to less-than-ideal working conditions and their own hazardous rookie mistakes.

So what are the mistakes rookies make? How can they be avoided?

Bully Driving

When you’re chugging along a highway in a 55,000 lb. vehicle, you can’t help but be proactive in your driving. In fact, thinking on your feet while navigating the road is key to this job.

But some rookies let the power of the 18-wheeler go to their heads! Aggressive driving can be a danger with 4 wheels, but you increase the danger exponentially when you reach 18.

Don’t try to intimidate 4 wheelers and other truckers with your rig. Even if you’re provoked, just let it go – it’s never worth it!

Besides, you’ll give the whole field a bad name with that.

Trusting Everybody

First of all, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Sometimes recruiters and dispatchers will sell something so lofty and unbelievable, that you WANT to buy it.

Look further into it. Examine it. Thanks to driver shortages, there are plenty of companies who will say anything to get the drivers they need.

So don’t just take someone’s word for it, unless you can verify it.

Trusting Nobody

At the same time, you should trust the more experienced drivers out there.

It’s a huge mistake to ignore the knowledge and insight that a veteran driver can offer.

After years and years of driving, truckers become sage and wise masters of the road. Let’s not shrug them off! Even if you think you know better, hearing them out will at least give you another angle.

Plus one day you’ll be a veteran driver, and you’ll have knowledge to share.

Money Woes

The road can be costly.

While you’re on the road, you’ll have to cover your cost of living. If we start with a base cost of $100 per week, any little expense can add up.

Instead of sinking this into fast food and truck stop grub, save money by buying your own food from grocery stores and planning ahead a little bit.

You’ll save money and eat a lot healthier!

Pushing Limits

While you may think of yourself as a superhero with unbreakable limits, you need to remember that your limits are VERY real.

Watch your sleeping, eating, and fitness habits as you establish yourself as a driver. It’ll make the difference between a great driver and a risk to the road!

And don’t try to do some daredevil move to save time (and therefore money). You’ll regret it!

Another mistake you might make is going on the road without a professional management system for your rig.

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