3 Major Secrets To Keeping Brokers Happy

You may have heard of the lesson happy wife happy life and you may have learned that lesson the hard way… Either way abiding it generally makes your entire life easier. Today we have an even more important lesson for you, happy broker happy trucker life.

Brokers can make or break trucking companies because they do all the connecting between carriers and shippers to find competitive rates. In some cases, brokers really help to keep freight moving by helping truckers find work. You can really get a leg up on the competition by keeping your broker happy, so here’s how to do it.

Secrets To Broker Happiness

1. Build and uphold your reputation

You know how you want to work with a quality broker? Well, brokers want to work with quality carriers, so it’s a two-way street. Treat people with respect and how you want to be treated. Generally, it’s best to speak professionally without the use of profanity.

It’s also important to follow through and complete any work that you have agreed to and try not to lose your freight. Brokers can actually find qualified drivers in TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association) and report about your reputation.

They can add information about your record such as no-shows, and more, so be aware that you will build a reputation in the trucking industry with every action you take, so make the right decisions and be respectful.

2. Have Good Communication Skills

It’s important to know that brokers can’t read your mind. You will have to tell them what type of loads you’re looking for and what works best for you. Then they will be able to pick out specific loads to try and meet your preferences.

Don’t be hard to reach or put off telling your broker things until the last minute. Answer your phone if they call you. If you have something important to tell them don’t do it via text or email. It’s always best to go ahead and call them.

Also, try to be direct. Time is money, especially in the trucking business, so don’t be indecisive. Let your broker know if you can deliver the load or not ASAP. Don’t worry, It won’t hurt their feelings if you say no.

You don’t need to carry on with long stories or excuses if you can’t deliver that load either. Simply say “No, I’m too busy” or “No, but thank you.” and let your broker go about their day.

3. Don’t Freak Out About Rates

While it’s perfectly fine to be clear about the rates you desire so breakers can find certain work for you, don’t get mad if you get hit with a lower rate every once and awhile. It’s not necessarily your broker’s fault.

Rates are set depending on market value and they often change. You can look at load boards for an idea about how load rates are, and you can also negotiate. Just keep a cool head while doing so and don’t get upset if your broker isn’t willing to come up a little.

Happy Trucking

When it comes to brokers and other professionals in the trucking industry everything will go a bit more smoothly with the right, professional attitude. Your trucking reputation will start to build, so make sure it builds in the right ways. Be direct, respectful, and follow-through. Then before you know it you will have a great relationship with your broker.

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