TruckLogics New Feature: Electronic Driver Logs

It’s no surprise that truckers are going to have to abide by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Administration (FMSCA) electronic logging devices (ELDs) mandate by the end of 2017.

While there are many debates over the rules and regulations of such a mandate, as of now it is staying in place. We get why some in the industry show resistance, but we also wanted our TruckLogics users to be ready for the mandate as it approaches.

So we went ahead and built an e-log system directly into TruckLogics!

What’s the Deal With E-Logs?

Why do we need e-logs? That’s a big question, and some people even think we don’t need them.

But the biggest arguments tend to be, a reduction in the difficulties of maintaining paper driver logs, and better upkeep of hours of service, as well as avoiding driver coercion.

The upcoming mandate has plenty of reasons behind it, and we’ve done our research. We’re not looking to get lost in the details, either.

The Benefits of Going Electronic

First of all, what are the benefits of our electronic driver log feature?

  • With our system, you’ll have an easier transition to ELDs 
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touch system and manual entry
  • Notified if you’re non-compliant on your hours of service
  • Accountability and protection against coercion

Now that we’ve added an electronic driver log to our native apps, you can view the recorded driver logs directly from our cloud-based software. Whether you’re a company driver, a leased operator, an independent Owner Operator, or a fleet manager looking at your driver records, our software will simplify the e-log process.

Let’s Get Started

Using our driver log feature is easy! Start off by allowing the TruckLogics app to use your location, and then proceed into the e-logs feature.

You can manually enter the details of your log intuitively with our manual system, and also enter your hours of service with the drag of a finger!

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

According to the FMCSA, drivers need to prepare a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) upon completing your haul on a daily basis. Afterward, drivers must submit their reports to their motor carrier. However, the motor carrier does not get relieved from the responsibility of managing repairs.

Any items listed on the DVIR will need to be certified in order for the motor vehicle to be deemed safe for operation. You’ll still need an annual inspection from a qualified inspector (who meets the requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation). Let’s get you to pass your inspection without worry.

Note: Your mechanic can also sign off on your DVIR using our system, too.

Best of all, our digital DVIR system allows you to manage, and store your DVIR paperwork electronically. With TruckLogics, you can up your organizational skills while reducing your liability!

We’re here to make your transition from paper logs as easy as possible – which is why we’re embracing an electronic system that works to meet YOUR needs!

If you have questions about the new e-log system, reach out to the awesome support team at TruckLogics for help!

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