7 Must-See Places Truckers Need to Visit Before Retirement

How cool is it to see the country from your office (driver’s seat) window? Now I know, being a truck driver is more than just pretty views; it’s a lot of hard work. But hey, you get to enjoy being a tourist and a truck driver at the same time! How great is that? And all you need to make this happen is a road map (GPS for you techies), enough time, and a good plan of action.

I mean really, who wouldn’t want to see these seven must-see places in the United States?

Forget Stonehenge – this place is just for truck/car enthusiasts to stop and admire during travels in Alliance, Nebraska. And if the name didn’t give it away, carhenge is a recreation of the famous Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, except this one’s made with cars. Yep, vintage cars stacked on each other!

Jim Reinders is the mastermind behind Carhenge, building the art structure in 1987 as a memorial to his father.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

For all of you traveling through the southwest, why not stop off at Antelope Canyon on Highway 98 in Arizona? Known for its magnificent natural beauty and design, it’s the perfect stop to snap some pictures to send back home. And don’t worry, you don’t have to hike to get to see these views. You can register for a tour, taking you directly to the site.

Fun fact: this canyon is considered a slot canyon, which was created by water rushing through the sandstone, wearing down the surrounding rock.

Cabazon Dinosaurs, California

Dinosaurs! Who wouldn’t stop to see a Jurassic world (minus the danger)? Known as Cabazon Dinosaurs, this park lets you get up close and personal with some of the world’s most famously extinct creatures. You can meet the famous 150-ton Brontosaurus named Dinny the Dinosaur (the largest concrete structure in the U.S.) and Mr. Rex – a 100-ton Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Don’t want to stop for fear of getting attacked? You can still see the famous concrete dinosaurs from Interstate 10 in California.

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

So say you have a good amount of time off before you can pick up your next load, wouldn’t you want to experience something historical and next to the water? Then we have a perfect location for you! Dry Tortugas National Park is a remote park located 70 miles off the coast of Key West and is surrounded by beautiful crystal clear water. Now with anything, the trip to Dry Tortugas takes a bit of planning. The only way to access the park is by boat or plane (pretty cool, though, right?)

If you’ve had a stressful trip, delivering your last load, than maybe you should check out Dry Tortugas. You won’t regret the experience, we promise. Just check out this amazing view!

Lucy the Elephant, New Jersey

Everyone knows Lucy, right? She’s over 130-years old and stands just about 65 feet tall. Designed to be a summer cabin, Lucy’s towering height lets its visitors enjoy a beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean. After several preservation efforts, visitors are now able to tour through Lucy and catch a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean from the Howdah atop her back. As Lucy’s slogan suggests, “it’s the only elephant you can go inside, and come out alive.”

Watkins Glen State Park, New York

Any New York truckers out there? If so, have you heard about Watkins Glen State Park? Located south of Seneca Lake, in Watkins Glen, NY, there lies an area called Rainbow Bridge and Falls. And its appearance is exactly like the name suggests. Traversing two miles, the glen streams flow down 400 feet past cliffs ranging from 200 feet and a combination of over 19 waterfalls.

If that’s not enough to get you feeling calm and relaxed, I don’t know what will!

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

Now I’m sure you’ve heard of Old Faithful, right? The famous geyser that erupts every 35 to 125 minutes a day? Well, if you’ve heard of that, you have to hear about the Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming. This spring is naturally rainbow-like in color and is the largest hot spring in the US—and also the third largest in the world. Wouldn’t it be a nice detour to take on your day off to see this spring? We think so too!

And for those of you who can’t quite make it to see the spring, luckily the National Park Service has a webcam set up to record the eruption, with a time frame of when it’s most likely to happen based on 35 to 125 minute periods.

So who’s ready to check out some really awesome places right here in the Land of the Free? We hope you are! These are some unbelievably cool and great sights you’ll have to see from your office window.

What attractions have you seen during your time as a truck driver? Let us know in the comment section below or share a picture of your office view with us on our Facebook page.

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