Trucking News: America’s Road Team, Diesel Prices, and Landstar’s New CEO

There is a lot of positive news circulating through the Trucking Nation for October. I tell you what, it makes me smile like a jack-o-lantern. I won’t hold you up with a lengthy intro, were going to jump right into this week’s TruckLogics: Trucking News Update.

America’s Road Team
Have you heard this yet; America’s Road Team Captains won the ATA’s Healthy Trucker Challenge. The challenge was held at the ATA Management Conference & Exhibition and over 1,126,738 steps were made by ATA’s leadership, America’s Road Team, and attendees. The Road Team made an average of 16,991 steps per day to claim challenge victory. Road Team Captain Eddie Weeks, a professional driver with AAA Cooper, completed the challenge with a whopping 102,472 steps. The entire TruckLogics Team would like to personally congratulate America’s Road Team for winning this challenge and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Give’em a big hand, their accomplishment is just awesome. 
Diesel Prices 
If you haven’t noticed lately, diesel prices are falling. So exciting! Average diesel prices were down 2.2 cents compared to last week. Compared to last year, diesel is 16.4 cents cheaper. You can read more on I know every time I go to the pump, I’m just happier than Frankenstein doing the Monster Mash as that price per gallon keeps on going down. 
Landstar’s New CEO
Landstar has announced a new CEO, Jim Gattoni. President and CFO for the company, Gattoni will take the role of CEO in December. Reporter Jensen Werley published a great article on where she interviewed Gattoni to see what the future vision for Landstar will be under his leadership. Here is a brief summary: Gattoni wants to stay true to the core of the company and continue supporting small businesses. He realizes that the technology is advancing quickly and wants to make sure they are keeping up and are able to give their agents the most effective tools available. He sees issues with a climbing demand and not having enough drivers for trucks, so he will make that the main focus for improvement. All in all, Gattoni is very excited for this new position and is looking forward to continuing the Landstar legacy. 
Don’t forget to check out and see how easy it is to manage your trucking business on the road. Hammer down and enjoy the breeze Trucking Nation, I’ll catch you next week with some more Trucking Industry updates. 

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