Stay Connected with TruckLogics: The Perfect Solution for You & Your Family Bookkeeper

Logging an odometer reading with one hand while holding the wheel with another is certainly not the safest way to drive an 18 wheeler. (Hands must stay at 10 and 2!)

That’s why many drivers and owner-operators turn to their spouses or close family members to keep their books for them.

With TruckLogics, you’re free to do just that!
Not only is TruckLogics a complete business management solution, but it’s also completely cloud-based. What does that mean for you?

1. You, and your family, can manage your entire trucking business from a single login. There’s no need to buy multiple “discs” or licenses. Simply login wherever you are, from any device, and start managing.

2. Both of you using the same program will simplify day-to-day recordkeeping and streamline communication. While your family member can use the full TruckLogics site, you can use our free iOS or Android app on the road to update information and keep in touch.

Here’s what our full site and companion app can do for you and your family member:

  • Update Check Calls: From the app, you can update the status of your trip with just a few clicks. Notify your home base of any delays or detours, or when you’re homeward bound.
  • Record Fuel Purchases: With the Fuel Up tool, it’s easy to upload fueling info every time you refill. Plus you can capture the receipt so it’s securely saved for your records.
  • Log Expenses: All other expenses can be updated in real-time through the app. Whether it’s a repair fee or toll charge, it only takes seconds to upload the data. This information will then sync with your Chart of Accounts, so your bookkeeper back home will know where your bottom line stands at all times.

And that’s just what you can do with the app. Imagine everything else you can do with the full site!

From, your family member can:

  • Send Invoices & Record Income: Create a professional-looking invoice instantly, and send it directly to your client. Receive reminders as the payment due date approaches, and once the payment is received, you can quickly log it in your Chart of Accounts.

  • Run Profit & Loss Reports: Each month and quarter, you can run a detailed report on your financials, so both you and your family member have a clear picture of where your money is coming from and going to.
  • Generate IFTA Reports: If you keep your Trip Sheets in TruckLogics, then at the end of each quarter, you can generate a state-specific IFTA return based on that data. That’s right. No tax calculations, no data entry, no boring tax forms. Just a return that’s ready to be printed and mailed. 

  • Schedule Maintenance Tasks: You’ll never forget an oil change again! Your family member can schedule what maintenance task is required for your truck & trailer, and how often these tasks need to be performed. Based on your odometer reading, or the length of time passing, TruckLogics will then remind you of all upcoming maintenance tasks, and serve as a permanent record of your compliance. It’s never been so easy to remain safe and compliant. 

Access to all of these features costs just $4.95 a month for owner-operators. It’s hard to believe, but totally true! Your monthly subscription gives you, and an unlimited number of family members, access to all of this and more. But most of all, it gives you freedom.

Between trip sheets, IFTA reports, and expense tracking, being an owner-operator is two jobs in one! But with TruckLogics, you’ll be free to focus on the road again.

Try it on us. Use promocode MARCH15, and we’ll give you 15 days to see how you like it. Once you get a taste of TruckLogics, we’re confident that you and your family will be in it for the long haul!

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