Want Unlimited ProMiles? You Need to Try This!

We always say that TruckLogics is the only transportation professional software built by truckers, for truckers.

But what does that mean? It means we listen to our customers and try our best to build TruckLogics with them.

And by user request, we’re excited to announce we are changing our TruckLogics packages!

What changes can you expect? Well, we are now offering unlimited ProMiles routing in two packages, Preferred and Premium!

Unlimited ProMiles

Previously, we offered confusing ProMiles credits. And thanks to your input, we’ve decided to streamline the system and offer unlimited ProMiles built into the pricing packages we offer!

Starting at just $19.95, Preferred offers both IFTA and unlimited ProMiles, as well as the other features you’ve come to love.

And for the Premium package, drivers can expect unlimited ProMiles, IFTA, and LTL, starting at just $29.95.

Of course, we’re still starting our Pro package at just $9.95.

We know nothing is more frustrating than managing ProMiles credits. And you’ll no longer need to juggle credits as you fix any mileage miscalculations and reporting errors you encounter.

Understanding ProMiles

Don’t know what ProMiles is? Is it just Google Maps?

I mean, if you’re in a four-wheeler, Google Maps works just fine. But when you’re with a transportation company, you can’t just drive ordinary routes thanks to road restrictions, low clearance, and so on.

ProMiles watches out for you! All of the address-to-address routing is configured with truckers in mind, selecting only roads that trucks can travel, saving both time and fuel.

Plus, auto-completing your Trip Sheets with ProMiles will save you hours, even days, of data entry. Just login to TruckLogics, and you’ll see what’s happening with your dispatches, expenses, and contacts with just a glance at the dashboard.

TruckLogics will also keep track of your loads in real-time, convert dispatch proposals into invoices with a single click, and can be accessed by multiple employee users.

Come on – with four IFTA filings per year, saving time with ProMiles is the smartest thing you can do.

So say goodbye to ProMiles credits! And say hello to an easier, friendlier TruckLogics.

And let us know what you think! We’re always available to hear your thoughts at [email protected], or 9 a.m to 6 p.m. by phone at 704.234.6946.

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