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Did you know that planning your route and anticipating the fuel prices is a sure-fire way to get you ahead? Of course you did! Being a trucker creates a unique opportunity to learn a very particular set of skills, skills that you acquire over a very long career. Skills that make trucking look easy when we all know it’s hard work. Don’t get Taken away with this introduction, we are arriving at the point.

Calculating miles, planning stops, and averaging in fuel expenses takes up a lot of time and time is money in the trucking industry. TruckLogics has been freshly fitted with a brand new Fuel & Route Optimization feature that does the work for you. Why don’t we take a closer look, shall we?

Fuel & Route Optimization

To check this feature out in your TruckLogics account (if you don’t have one, contact the TruckLogics Crew and we’ll hook you up) you will opt to calculate your miles using ProMiles when creating the load. Then, from your dispatch summary, click on your Routing tab and voila! Behold the information on your route.

What It Tells You

The information you are provided includes:

  • Trip Miles from pickup to delivery
  • Trip minutes without stops
  • Trip minutes with stops
  • Toll charges (if any)
  • Route plan with estimated arrival time
  • But wait there’s more!

The Fuel Optimization tab has a lot to it that wouldn’t be justified in a single bullet point. The Fuel Optimization is a complete breakdown of fuel prices, expected gallons burned, total IFTA tax, average MPG, estimated trip savings, and fuel stop options along your route.

What You Can Do with the Information

Now that you have the info, what do you do with it? Well, my friend, you can predict the future. What are budgets if not a prediction with some wiggle room for more spending? Other than an expense budget, you can know: directions, where you will stop, the cost per mile, and scheduled pickup and delivery times (if that option is available) all before you even hit the road. The application for this knowledge is endless. 

The entire goal of this feature is to save you time and money when you’re on the road. With TruckLogics you are a streamlined, load-hauling machine and a trucking management master. Check out our Fuel & Route Optimization feature and don’t forget to contact the TruckLogics Crew with any questions you have via phone: 704-234-6946 or email: [email protected].

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