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As an owner-operator or fleet manager, you’re busy, that’s no secret. Not only are you driving for hours on end, but you’re having to run and manage your business. There’s a constant need to keep up with all different types of paperwork and totals for reports. Before you know it your office or cab could become filled with piles of loose papers everywhere.

This is where TruckLogics can step in to help, by keeping all of your reports in one convenient location online.


TruckLogics is the complete trucking management software. It’s specifically designed for owner-operators and fleet owners in order to help them save time while managing every aspect of their business.

By being 100% mobile TruckLogics can be accessed from your computer, smartphone, or tablet from any location, so you can check in on your business at any time, from any location, enabling you to manage your business even while on the road.

Plus, TruckLogics has a ton of helpful features for calculating your IFTA tax, factoring, dispatch management, driver settlements, and more.

Business Intelligence Reports

It’s important to keep up with your total income and total expenses so you can see how well your business is doing, whether it’s breaking even or making tons of profit. That’s why with the Accounts Report feature in TruckLogics you can view profit and loss reports for any time period.

Anytime you would like to generate a report TruckLogics will calculate the total income and expenses from all of your accounts categories as well as the total loaded and empty miles from your trip sheets.

This way you’ll have a breakdown of how well your business did for the month or quarter that clearly lists your profits, losses, cost per mile, profit per mile, % of total income, for all of your income and expense categories.

Sometimes clients are better than others, in the sense of generating more revenue than others for your business. It’s important to keep up with which clients you generate the most profit with so you know who to try and work with more and who to cut ties with.

That’s why with TruckLogics you can easily record your income and expenses for each of your clients then view a report to see which clients are helping you generate the most income for your business.

We hate to say it, but similar to clients, some trucks in your fleet are better than the others. While we love trucks, we know that some are money pits. With the Unit report, you can track how much you’re spending on each truck.

The unit report clearly displays how much fuel your trucks use, their MPG, loan info, and important maintenance dates. This way you’ll be sure to keep each of your vehicle’s finely tuned and never forget about something like getting the oil changed. You’ll also see which trucks are fuel guzzlers and which ones have the highest monthly payments.

IFTA is a word that has truckers shaking in their boots four times a year, but with TruckLogics calculating your totals for your IFTA report has never been easier. TruckLogics is integrated with ProMiles which automatically keeps up with your miles per jurisdiction.

Plus, TruckLogics makes it easy for you to calculate the miles per gallon used per jurisdiction, the amount of fuel purchased, and total fuel tax per jurisdiction. All of your records will be easy to update instantly they’ll be kept in one convenient location for you.

From any location, you can generate your IFTA calculations from your trip sheets. Then you can email or print these totals and use them to correctly complete your IFTA return.

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Sign up for your free 15-day trial with TruckLogics to see how easy we make it to manage every aspect of your entire business. With the TruckLogics mobile app, you’ll always be connected to check in on things at any time.

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