Remembering and Honoring 9/11

Today isn’t just another Monday, as it falls on the 16th anniversary of 9/11. You may notice people on bridges and overpasses proudly waving the American flag during your route today. No matter where you are, and what you’re hauling we hope you honk your horn and support them.

The 2001 terrorist attack was the largest terror attack on U.S. soil and it claimed 3,000 American victims. In order to honor their memory, tonight beams of light will shoot into the sky where the World Trade Center buildings originally stood.

Earlier today Trump lead a moment of silence at the white house that marked the time when the first plane struck in order to remember the fallen and honor their families. We hope that with your busy schedule on the road today that you will get the chance to take a moment of silence to reflect on those who lost their lives as well.

Here at TruckLogics, we are proud to be American you will be able to spot the American flag in multiple places around the office, and everyone will be able to take the time they need to remember. As America progresses into a stronger nation we will never forget our history.

Thank you for all of your hard work. We know that on days like these you would like to be home with your family to be with your loved ones to remember those who lost their lives. Be sure to let them know how much they mean to you and that you’re thinking of them during this historic day.

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