Introducing: The TruckLogics App for Drivers

It’s time for an App-tastic #TruckerTuesday! And since the day was named for you, Truckers, we thought it was the perfect time to reveal your new secret weapon. It’s fast, it’s silent, and it conveniently fits into your pocket…

It’s our brand new TruckLogics App for Drivers, and today, you’re getting an exclusive tour of the app–plus a sneak peek of what’s to come!

With the TruckLogics Driver App, you can receive dispatch information, quickly check-in along your route, and log fuel expenses. And it’s free! Download it for your iOS or Android device–it’s compatible with both tablets and smartphones.

Here’s an app crash course–pretty pictures included!–with everything you need to know to get up and running fast.

Login Information

If you’re working with a company that uses TruckLogics software, you’ll receive an email from the company with your driver login credentials. After logging in the first time, you’ll be prompted to reset the password. And then you’re ready to roll!

And if you drive for multiple companies, you can manage dispatches from them all in a single account. To ensure that all businesses show up in your account, make sure each company registers your username with the same email address.

Upon logging in to your account, you’ll see a “Business List” screen like below. Simply choose a business to continue. You can always switch between businesses within your account from the Settings menu.

  • Tip for Company Account Users: If you’d like to create login credentials for a driver, login to your TruckLogics account. Then go to Settings > Driver Credentials > Driver and enter their information. The driver will then receive a notification email with their new username and password for the Driver App.

Driver App Features

  • Dispatches: When you first login to your account, all dispatches, and their dates & locations, are listed on your home screen. To sort your dispatches by active, assigned, delivered, cancelled, or to view all, click the Funnel Icon at the top of the page and choose from the drop-down menu.

    To see the full order details, like shipper, consignee, and freight details, click on the dispatch, then click the Triple Bar Icon along the top menu.

  • Check Call: To check-in along your route, select the Check Call Icon from the menu along the left side of the page. Then select the dispatch & click the + Add Check Call button. You’ll then be prompted to enter your Activity (Start of Trip, Pick-up, En Route, etc). Select whether you’re on-time or enter a different time. Then enter any reason for delay, like detour, traffic, and so on. Enter your location & odometer readings, and finally save. The client will receive an automatic email update about the delivery status. Peace of mind for them, time saved for you!
  • Fuel Up: Never lose a fuel receipt again! Keep track of daily fuel purchases, and capture the receipt for later. A feature sure to save you tons of hassle every IFTA quarter!

    To log a fuel expense, choose the Fuel Up Icon along the left menu, then click + Add Fuel Expense. First, enter the Fuel Expense details, like the number of gallons, fuel type, and total cost. Then add the Fuel Stop details, such as city, state, and gas station name.

    Next enter the Payment Details, and finally, input any Additional Details. This is the coolest part! Next to the Attachment Icon, select “Choose” to either upload an existing picture of a fuel receipt or to take one on the spot! Just hit save, and reap the benefits of organized record-keeping each day!

Coming Soon…

We live according to a simple philosophy, “If it ain’t broke, fix it.” In the spirit of innovation, we’re always pushing ourselves to make our software better. That’s why we’re adding FIVE new features to the iOS & Android apps, coming soon to a device near you…

Expenses, Trip Sheets, Repairs, Settlements & Trip Documents: we’ll be adding all of these features and more to the Driver App. Stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, continue to enjoy the app-tastic features already in place!

If you like what you’re seeing so far, try it free for 15 days!

Mobile Site for Drivers

To access your TruckLogics driver account through a mobile device’s web browser, simply use our mobile-friendly site at Our Mobile Driver Site has the same great features and easy-to-use layout, without needing an Android or iOS operating system.

Dispatches can be located by navigating the left menu. Sort from Active, Upcoming & Delivered dispatches, or view them all under “All Dispatches.”

To add Fuel or Other expenses to a dispatch, select the dispatch and then choose from the tabs along the top: Check Call, Fuel Up, or Expenses.

Just like the app, to add a Check Call, simply choose + Add Check Call button, then enter the details in the pop-up window. Fuel Up works the same way. Click + Add Fuel Expense, enter the fuel charges, and capture the receipt. 

To add other expenses, like lodging, parking, toll, food, etc, click on the Expenses tab within a dispatch. After clicking + Add Other Expenses, choose a payee from your address book, enter the payment method & amount, and finally choose an expense category from the menu.

There you have it. Two easy ways for drivers to stay in touch and keep records, without any hassle! Whether you use the TruckLogics App for Drivers or the Mobile Site for Drivers at, it’s sure to be your new time-saving secret weapon.

To find out more about how TruckLogics can eliminate paperwork and maximize your business, call our Support Crew at 704.234.6946. They’re also available for 24/7 email assistance at [email protected]. Or set up a free live demo, and they’ll walk you through the program, one-on-one.

And don’t forget, there’s only a few days left to start your TruckLogics trial.

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