Fuel Efficiency Secrets To Increase Your Profit Per Mile

It almost seems ironic that fuel is the number one trucking expense, but once you think about it, it’s a no-brainer. You need fuel to haul goods all across the country and fuel is incredibly expensive. However, you need to stay ahead of high fuel rates to run a profitable trucking business and increase your rate per mile.

That’s why TruckLogics is here to help by providing you with the best tips and tricks to become more fuel-efficient. By making only a few slight adjustments to your driving habits you will be amazed by how much you can save.

Fuel Efficiency Secrets 

Upgrade Your Technology

Are you still buying fuel with the same old debit or credit card? Then it might be time to upgrade to a fleet or fuel card for major savings. Fuel cards can save you between an average of $.05 to $.15 cents per gallon and sometimes more. Check out the ExpressTruckTax fuel card to see how much your fleet can save.

Have you checked out programs like ProMiles with TruckLogics? ProMiles will help you map out the shortest truck route to improve your fuel efficiency. You can also use it to plan the fastest route possible! ProMiles will also show you the places with the best fuel prices along your route a well.

Is your truck outfitted to reduce aerodynamic drag? Is the top of your cab sloped? Do you need to increase aerodynamics with roof fairings, side fairings, an air bumper damp, and more?

Drive Less Aggressively

If there is lead in your foot then get rid of it! You will save a ton by simply slowing down. By slowing down from 56 to 50 mph you could improve fuel efficiency by 22% percent. Don’t just worship the guys who get 10 mpg, become one!

Avoid coming to abrupt stops and quickly accelerating. Take your time and avoid frequent stops by taking routes that go around rush hour traffic. However, you will want to take the interstate when you can to avoid traffic lights and stop signs.

You know what really grinds your gears? Well, you do! Master your clutch and try to change gears left often and even skip them when you can to save fuel. Ride in a higher gear to save fuel when you can and keep your RPMs down.

Maintain Your Truck

You love your truck, you need the truck, so take care of your truck. It will respond by providing you with better mpg. Check on your tires. If they have low pressure or a worn thread then they will hurt your fuel efficiency. Remember to rotate them regularly and replace them in a timely manner.

When you change your oil seize the opportunity to give your truck a little tune-up. Change the oil filter and check the air filter for dust and debris. Replace your hoses and make sure everything under the hood is properly lubricated. Trust us, a happy truck is a fuel-efficient, well maintained one.

We Know You Can Get To 10 MPG!

Save on your number one expense by making a few changes to your daily habits. Take it easy, become a master of your gears, and remember to keep your truck well maintained. Before you know it you’ll be a fuel efficiency master, rolling in the savings.

For more fuel efficiency information check out what the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) has to say. They work extremely hard to study the latest trends and technologies to educate the freight industry on fuel efficiency.

If you have any fuel efficiency tips please add them in the comment section below and visit TruckLogics for more trucking blogs.

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