5 Reasons Fuel Cards Are Better Than Credit Cards

Don’t be fooled by fuel! Even though the price of diesel is steadily dropping (fingers crossed it continues), fuel is still the most expensive part of the business. And last time I checked, you weren’t an oil tycoon, so you can just forget about controlling fuel expenses. However, although you can’t control the price of diesel, you can make managing fuel expenses a little easier. Introducing, the fuel card.

These little pieces of plastic can help you manage the cost of your fuel way better than those money-hungry credit card companies. Don’t believe me, well I’ll give you five reasons to.

Reason 1: Spending Control

One of the greatest things about a fuel card is that you can control everything. If you’re a fleet manager, you can set the limit on how much can be spent, how often purchases can be made, and what driver is allowed to use the card. You can even limit the card to “fuel only” or limit the use of it during off-work hours.

Reason 2: No Expense for Drivers

Not only can you set limits with the card, but your drivers have the freedom of not using their own money to purchase fuel. With a fuel card, your drivers don’t have to worry about paying for fuel out of pocket, sending you their receipts, or waiting for reimbursements. And hey, it might make your drivers feel more secure since they don’t have to carry large amounts of cash.

Reason 3: IFTA Time-Saver

Besides TruckLogics, there’s no better time saver when it comes to IFTA than a fuel card. Regular credit cards give you information such as purchase amount, merchant name, date, and the time. But when you use a fuel card, you can also get information such as odometer readings. Time well saved on filing your IFTA return!

Reason 4: Security

A fuel card is the safest way to purchase fuel. Fleet managers/executives can immediately deactivate a lost or stolen fuel card, limiting the chances of your money wasting away. And we already mentioned, fuel cards record everything from driver ID to time of purchase, keeping all of your information and money safe and secure.

Reason 5: Discounts and Rebates

Who doesn’t want to save a little bit of money every time they visit the pump? When you sign up for a fuel card you have the chance to save anywhere between 2¢ and 20¢. And when you’re filling up a hundred-gallon tank, every penny helps.

So truckers, before your next big trip think it over. A fuel card has plenty of benefits that can help make the life of a trucker a little bit easier. For more trucking tips, be sure to keep with TruckLogics; we have you covered.

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