TruckerTuesday: Concept Trucks

Happy TruckerTuesday!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I had some time to think about what the future of trucking will look like. Every year at MATS, where TruckLogics made it’s grand debut this year, there is a new class of innovations on display that give the entire Trucking Nation a glimpse into what is to come. But it is hard to imagine how advanced drive trains, LCD screens, and all the other new technologies coming out will innovate an entire truck when they are on a display table. Lucky for us, our top trucking manufacturers have developed concept trucks so we can see all the new gadgets and gizmos in action. The concept truck we will be looking at today is the…

Freightliner Revolution
Every time I see this truck I discover something new I hadn’t seen before. Freightliner went above and beyond to tailor this truck for the driver and for top fuel efficiency. At first glance, you will notice the overall look of the Revolution isn’t too detached from the classic truck body. The exterior features LED headlamps, side view cameras (instead of mirrors), remotely activated doors, wraparound windshield, aero raised roof, baggage side door, and a rear access door (my favorite feature). 

No matter how cool the truck looks, it still needs to be able to haul freight, so what did the engineer team at Freightliner come up with for the Revolution’s chassis features?

To keep you trucking, they installed a Detroit Automated Manual Transmission that features aluminum housing, state-of-the-art computer controls. Also giving the Revolution greater efficiency is the Detroit Long Haul Tandem Rear Axle; if the computer detects limited traction in the forward drive axle, it seamlessly transfers power to where it is needed.  There is even a split cooling system where the engine fan can focus only on cooling the radiator and the CAC, while the AC condenser is relocated to increase airflow and reduce pre-heating of the charge air cooler and radiator. The Freightliner engineer team also incorporated high-strength aluminum frame rails, ac condenser side-air intake, in-rail fuel tanks, and the Detroit DD13.

I have always wondered where the best place is to put an LCD screen inside the cab. Some designs have the entire dash as an LCD screen, and as futuristic design goes – it looks cool – but is it functional?

In the Revolution, there are 6 primary gauges that we’re all use to, then there is a single LCD screen on the far right of the console. This design provides the best of both worlds, your classic gauges to monitor speed and engine information with a customizable LCD screen to monitor whatever your heart desires. Incorporated with electronic integration, is TruckOS, which is an intelligent on-board truck network that provides access to a revolutionary new tool that helps truckers run smarter than ever before. 

The interior space was designed for three modes: driving, working, and resting. When a trucker is not driving and needs to update load information, check for new routes, or anything else, there is an ‘office’ space complete with table and seating. To rest, a bed folds out with ease and you can easily relax. Incorporated all throughout the truck is LED lighting which uses less power, has a longer life, and gives the truck a bit of personality. 

The Freightliner Revolution is a concept truck that I can see actually being used in the near future. I really hope that rear door design catches on. For more info on this truck, join the engineer team that designed it for a behind-the-scenes look at what went into every detail of the Revolution.

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