These Are The Truckers Who Make Thanksgiving Possible

We know that truckers make American run. Without them, the entire American economy would self-destruct (check out this blog from our sister product Express IFTA if you don’t believe us).

But this Thanksgiving here at TruckLogics, we wanted to put a face to a name. So we asked drivers on social media to tell us what they had hauled for our Thanksgiving meals. Here are our top 5 favorite responses.

Truckers make Thanksgiving possible

  • 5. Paul Vineyard’s onions ended up in just about every savory home-cooked dish.
  • 4. Gus Hower made that delicious cornbread and creamed corn possible.
  • 3. Brandon Childress brought your starchy favorite, potatoes, to the table.
  • 2. Lynn Cluff hauled, well, pretty much everything that goes into any Thanksgiving meal.
  • 1. Tom Yaeger also hauled everything… plus Christmas trees.

              Then, Tom took the time to share his story with us.

Thank you truckers

This Thanksgiving, consider thanking a trucker for making your family gathering possible. Maybe even give them a moment to tell their stories. You might just learn something.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at TruckLogics.

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