The 6 Biggest TruckLogics Updates From September 2020

Everything we added to our TMS in September 2020!

Here at TruckLogics, we’re always looking for ways to improve your Trucking Management Software experience.

That’s why we’re constantly updating, fine-tuning, and adding new features to help you make the most of your trucking business. 

Check out the latest TruckLogics updates and how to use them below!

1. Customizable Load Columns

You now have the option to customize the information that appears next to each of your loads in the Loads tab!

You can add additional columns including Reference, BOL, Driver, Truck, Invoice Number, and Invoice Status. You can also remove any columns you don’t need.

To access this feature: Loads > Customize Columns.

2. Leased Operators Can Add Multiple Settlement Changes

We’ve revamped the entire settlement process for leased operators so it more fully reflects their process! You can now add multiple trips and the associated income and expenses to a single settlement.

To access this feature: Settlements > Add Settlements.

3. Save Loads as Drafts

You can now save your loads as drafts and come back to finish them later! If you realize you don’t have all the information you need or just don’t have to finish that load right now, you can save it and come back another time.

To access this feature: Add New Load > Save as Draft.

4. Driver Status Appears in the Address Book

We have redesigned the appearance of the address book for easier navigation. You can also now view the status of your drivers right from the address book, giving you even greater visibility into driver availability.

To access this feature: Address Book > Driver.

5. Delivered Dispatches Icon

All delivered dispatches are now clearly marked on all pages in the Dispatches tab! This means you can check the dispatch status at a glance!

To access this feature: Dispatches.

6. Invoice Totals

The total number of invoices and the total amount now appears on all pages in the Invoices tab!

To access this feature: Invoices.

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