Operation: Home For Christmas – We Need Your Help Trucking Nation

Oh my goodness, Trucking Nation it’s almost Christmas! If you didn’t know, you will now, I’m Misty Noel, your-too-excited-for-Christmas podcast host and blogger. I don’t have a podcast episode for you this week, but I have one spectacular show for you that will be out next week. But I’m not here to talk about the show, I’m here to talk (well rather write) about how we need your help.

The TruckLogics Team got a very urgent call from the North Pole. Yessiree, Santa himself gave us a ring because the elves were all up in a hissy about which truck could make it to Rock Hill, SC first. Don’t ask me how the conversation started, you know elves can be a bit crazy, all I know is there are 5 of the Trucking Industry’s best trucks at the North Pole racing against each other to get here. 
We got Peterbilt, Mack, Kenworth, Freightliner, & Volvo in a race to our home for Christmas. They need your help to make the journey.
How To Make Sure Your Favorite Truck Makes It Home For Christmas

It’s super easy, all you need to do is go to the TruckLogics Facebook Page, click that like button, and leave a comment letting us know you liked the page (because you are just so sweet and we want to thank you)  and which truck is your favorite. 
 My Example: I liked your page and Peterbilt trucks are my favorite. I’m telling you, Santa drives a Peterbilt named “Santa’s Sleigh”.
We will post updates every Tuesday and Thursday to let you know who is in the lead. Right now it’s Peterbilt! I’ve been a Peterbilt girl all my life (Peterbilt drivers run in my family so it’s in my blood) and I hope we can keep them in the lead. 
Jump into that Christmas Spirit with the TruckLogics team and help us get our favorite trucks home for Operation: Home For Christmas.
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