IRS Form 2290 Deadline | File Today & Avoid IRS Late Penalties

Today is the deadline to file your IRS Form 2290. Our e-filing department,, is the fastest and easiest way to get your Stamped Schedule 1 from any location. The entire e-filing process is super simple and only takes a few minutes. The ExpressTruckTax team is available to answer any questions you have about e-filing your Form 2290.

Steps to e-file Form 2290 with

Step 1. Sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account with, you can easily create one by entering your email in the big box and get started.

Step 2. Select Start New Return and choose Form 2290

Step 3. Enter required information and transmit to the IRS.

How to E-file on the Road

ExpressTruckTax Mobile App
There’s an app for everything else, so why not have one to e-file your Form 2290. Download the ExpressTruckTax app for any Android or Apple device. 
ExpressTruckTax Mobile Site
Apps aren’t for everyone, so if you need to e-file on the road head over to the ExpressTruckTax Mobile Site. 

Review Your Return Before Transmitting

Before you transmit your return, make sure you are filing for the 2015-2016 tax year. Check to see you selected the correct First Used Month (for the tax year). Review your payment information for the IRS. Once everything is good to go, then transmit your return. You will receive a copy of your Stamped Schedule 1 via email and you will always have a saved copy in your account. 

If you have any questions about e-filing your Form 2290 with the IRS, contact the ExpressTruckTax team via phone: 704-234-6005 or email: [email protected].

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