Reasons For HVUT 2290 Rejection & How To Avoid Them

You’ve FINALLY filed your HVUT 2290. You push the button to submit your road tax online payment and kick thoughts of highway tax 2290 out of your brain.

Then, you get your Form 2290 for 2019 back from the IRS. Rejected.

Now you have to resubmit your Form 2290 for 2019 truck tax. 😭 Nobody has time for that!

We’re here to help you avoid any unnecessary delays.

Plenty of unfortunate filers have experienced HVUT 2290 rejection. Let’s learn from their mistakes to avoid highway tax 2290 rejection this year.

Here are some important pieces of information that often cause HVUT 2290 rejection. Double-check them before submitting!

Reasons For HVUT 2290 Rejection & How To Avoid Them

Sections to Check Before Submitting Your IRS 2290

They say everyone makes mistakes, but you don’t have to.

Simply checking over your 2290 filing information before submitting your truck tax and road tax online payment will save you time and maybe even money!

  • Each US company has its own unique Employment Identification Number (EIN). Your EIN should be 9 numbers, presented in this format: 12-3456789.
  • It takes the IRS 10 business days to update its EIN database. If you need a new EIN, apply at least a month before filing HVUT 2290.
  • Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) should be 17 characters long and include numbers and letters.

Gross Taxable Weight
  • We understand that IRS 2290 filing calculations are tricky. Use ExpressTruckTax to automatically calculate your owed HVUT 2290 tax amount.
  • Incorrect calculations can cause long delays.

Business Name & Address
  • It feels like the seemingly easiest pieces of information are the ones that trip up HVUT 2290 filers.
  • Please take your time when filing and double-check your business name and address before submitting your IRS Form 2290.

First Used Month
  • The first used month is the month you first used a truck on the highway during the tax period, which runs from July 1 to June 30 of the next year. Your HVUT 2290 truck tax is due on the last day of the month after your first used month.
  • If your first used month is July, you’ll need to file your truck tax form 2290 for 2019 by August 31.

Filing Year
  • If you’ve used the same 2290 filing service previously, the drop-down menu could be set to a previous 2290 Tax Form filing year. Double-check!
  • We are currently HVUT 2290 filing for the 2019-20 tax year.

  • This is another simple area that typically houses mistakes. Be sure that you use the correct 5-digit authorized signature code to electronically sign your IRS 2290 HVUT.

Choosing a 2290 Filing Provider

When choosing an e-file provider to file your form 2290 for 2019 truck tax, there are a couple main points to consider. 

  • Is the provider IRS-Authorized? Can you trust them with your information?
  • Is the provider affordable or are they trying to rip you off?
  • How easy is the provider’s system? Can you use it quickly and efficiently?

ExpressTruckTax is a provider that answers yes to all of the above.

As an IRS-authorized IRS 2290 filing service, ExpressTruckTax is committed to helping your HVUT highway tax 2290 filing process go flawlessly.

Plus, with completely cloud-based software and direct IRS 2290 highway use tax filing, your information will remain safe and secure.

ExpressTruckTax is also an incredibly affordable 2290 filing option. Complete your HVUT road tax online payment and 2290 highway use tax form for under $10.

Most importantly, filing with ExpressTruckTax includes an instant error check, which prevents simple mistakes from slipping through the cracks to avoid IRS rejection.

File IRS 2290 highway use tax today to get in and out fast so that you can move on with your busy day!

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