When Trucks Stop, America Stops: The Life of the American Trucker

It’s no secret that American truck drivers are the backbone of this country.

But what does it take to be a part of the trucking industry?

We spoke to our neighbor, Rock Hill, South Carolina resident Kennith Farrell, owner of KF Trucking to get an inside view at the life of a truck driver in our country.

The Life of a Truck Driver

The Our American Truckers Series

We started the “Our American Truckers” YouTube series to bring attention to the lives of American drivers and hopefully increase appreciation for what they do.

Our first episode featured Billy Cagle, a Wadesboro, NC truck driver for the entertainment industry.

He talked a bit about how he got into the trucking industry, and what his experience means to him.

This week, we spoke to Kennith Farrell, owner of KF Trucking right here in Rock Hill, South Carolina, to get his take on the industry.

The American Trucker

Farrell spoke about how the trucking industry has changed over the years and the increasing demand on American truck drivers.

“In America, without trucks,” he says, “we don’t have a country.”

He’s right. The trucking industry is responsible for employing 10 million people in the US and transporting over 70% of total domestic tonnage shipped.

“I got into it… I actually drove when I was 18 years old. I worked for a company called King Provision with my uncle delivering to Burger Kings,” he remembers.

He didn’t think it’d be his career until his brother suggested that they invest in their own truck.

Starting a trucking company is a huge step, and that’s where we come in.

Supporting the Trucking Industry

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