How Prepared Are You For The 2019 MATS?

TruckLogics is on the road for the 2019 MATS! With help from ExpressAmber, ExpressTruckTax and TruckLogics have been getting into shape for the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event happening Thursday, March 28 – Saturday, March 30, 2019.

Over 70,000 truck enthusiasts from all across the world will be in one area for 3 days to network, get informed, and get some awesome freebies.

What better way to prepare than getting MATS tips from a couple of veterans? The team headed to Louisville, Kentucky is quite familiar with how MATS tends to go. With roughly 6 years of experience, the group has learned from past mistakes and successes. Here are a few things that will ensure your trip goes off without a hitch, unless you’re into those kinds of things.

Be Present

It is easy to coil into ourselves and fail to be present in situations where we feel as though we know no one, but it is important at events like MATS to be an extrovert for the weekend. MATS is a great networking opportunity for everyone in the industry, not just big corporations with their logos plastered all over the place.

Put your phone away and connect face-to-face with leaders in the industry. Partnerships and new career opportunities happen all the time when leaders in the same industry are together. Authentic relationships and conversations can go a long way.

Don’t Be ‘That Guy’

Any company that has a booth, more than likely have free incentives to get you over to their table. If you are drawn to the table because of what they are offering, be courteous enough to listen to what booth representatives have to say. 

If not for yourself, get the beneficial knowledge for someone you know. We’re not saying you should make a purchase, but you ought to at least listen to them. We don’t want you to be the one lugging around a huge bag of free stuff and only searching for your next gift.

Explore The City

Louisville is a city full of rich history, so schedule your trip to include a day or two to visit some of its unique attractions. The city also offers an amazing discount program for visitors in town for conferences, conventions, and showcases. 

The “Show Us Your Badge” discounts range from restaurant deals and awesome attraction rates to discounted purchases at some of the cities best-known establishments. If your schedule doesn’t allow for you to partake in the discounted fun, plan ahead and stay an extra day, or make your voyage to Kentucky a day early. 
You can find a list of over 20 participating locations on the Louisville, Kentucky travel site.

Be On The Lookout For TruckLogics

The TruckLogics team will be walking around MATS in some pretty show-stopping attire. Be sure to stop them and say hello. 

Get a few selfies in and be sure to tag the TruckLogics social media handles. The team is pumped to see everyone there! This year, MATS is going to be one to remember!

TruckLogics is here to help! 

Sign up for a 15 free trial with TruckLogics and see how we can help you! There’s no obligation and no strings attached.

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