Hey Bernie, Here’s Why Trucks are Better Than Trains

Last month, presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, made a statement about the trucking industry. And many people were up in arms about it.

And we can understand why!

Sander’s statement:

“We must move our transportation sector beyond oil by running our cars and trucks on electricity generated by solar and wind power. We need efficient public transportation, advanced renewable fuels, and high-speed passenger and cargo rail. Once we have a state-of-the-art rail system, we will not only be able to move passengers and cargo faster and more efficiently, we will make significant cuts in carbon pollution emissions that cause climate change.”

To many, what Mr. Sanders said seemed like calling for the US to ban the use of trucks.

Although, not necessarily the intent of his statement, Mr. Sanders, and all political candidates for that matter, need to be a little more educated on why trucks are important to America.

Afterall, it’s trucks that keep America going.

So we’re here to prove it to them! Here’s why trucks beat trains every single time.

Railway Limitation

It will be a cold day in, well you know where, when a train can deliver goods to individual stores like Wal-Mart and Target.

Trains are limited to their tracks (obviously), meaning trucks are needed to deliver the freight to their final destination.

If we get rid of trucks, how are we going to get cargo to their final destinations?

We’ll let you answer that, future Mr(s). President!

Timely Delivery

Have you’ve ever ridden on a train? Takes forever, doesn’t it?

Between constant stops, slow passing through towns, and a max speed of 10 below posted speed limits—trains are not the best when it comes to a timely delivery!

And when you have perishable items on board, let’s hope they get there before they spoil.

Trains also operate on a complicated infrastructure that requires prior planning to avoid collision with other trains on the route.

Another reason to mark this up as a win in the truck category.

Trucks work off their own system, meaning they can arrive early to their final destination (without prior notice and advanced planning).

Truck Efficiency vs Trains

Here’s where most supporters of the railway come to attack the trucking industry.

Many supporters say that trains are more efficient than trucks when it comes to fuel. Although that’s true for now, it doesn’t mean trucks can never match the fuel efficiency of a train.

State-of-the-art trucks, like the Prevost H5-60, can almost reach train ton per miles. This new truck can go 350+ ton-miles, while trains make an average 400 ton-miles.

Keep going truckers!

So hey, Bernie, here are all the reasons why trucks are better than trains.

Who’s with me? Let us know why you think trucks are better than trains in the comment section below or share it with us on our Facebook page.

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