TruckLogics Update: Multi-User Feature Has Arrived!

Come one, come all! TruckLogics has a new update and you’ll want to check it out. You’ve been asking for this feature to be added to TruckLogics, and we’re happy to announce that it’s here. Introducing the new Multi-User feature!  

That’s right, truckers! You can now share as much or as little of TruckLogics with your employees by giving them their own login access. Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself several questions about how it works, what they can see, etc. Don’t worry, we promise to cover everything and answer all of your questions. But if you have more questions, you can always give us a call or email us; we’ll be glad to help.

Who’s Can Use It?

The new multi-user feature on TruckLogics currently offers logins for drivers, office managers, as well as giving you the option to create logins for dispatchers who can create loads and those who cannot create loads. You can set the limits and permissions for each of these roles, like so:

  • Driver : Able to add check calls, fuel ups, expenses, as well as upload documents for dispatches assigned.
  • Dispatcher (Can Create Loads) : Able to create loads, dispatches, add in check calls, fuel ups, expenses, and upload documents for dispatches.
  • Dispatcher (Can’t Create Loads) : Able to create dispatches for loads, add check calls, fuel ups, expenses, and upload documents for dispatches.
  • Office Manager : Able to access all the features in TruckLogics, except for business details, account info, and billing.

With each user, you can pick and choose their restrictions, allowing you to customize what you want each employee to see. You can also keep up with and monitor all of your employees’ activities in your TruckLogics’ account, too. Just go to your settings, my activities, and filter by users and date. Pretty great feature, right?

How to Get Started?

Let’s get started setting up your multi-users on your TruckLogics’ account.

  • Sign in to your TruckLogics’ account (or sign up)!
  • Click on the Setup wizard, located in the settings section
  • Select custom website
  • Create your custom URL for your business: This URL is the link you’ll send to your employees for them to log in to your TruckLogics’ account
  • Add accounts for your employees: Drivers, Office Manager, Dispatchers.,
  • Send your staff members their personal login credentials and your business URL for TruckLogics.
See wasn’t too difficult, right?

For more information or help setting up your multi-user accounts on TruckLogics, check out this video below.

And as always, the TruckLogics crew is here to help! Give us a call at 704.234.6946, chat with us online at, (or) send us an email, [email protected]. If you have questions, we’ll find you the answers!

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