TruckLogics Order & Dispatch Features: Which Should You Use?

What’s the difference between an Order and a Dispatch?

Well, Trucking Nation, I’m glad you asked.

In TruckLogics, the Order and Dispatch features are similar: they’re both used to input load details & charges. But it’s their differences that we’ll explore today.

This quick guide will help you figure out which feature you should use and when.

Note: If you have an account for 1-2 trucks, the Order feature is not available. In this case, the Dispatch feature can be used for all functions.

Order: In TruckLogics, an order is what many refer to as a load.

Use the Order feature to input customer, trip, and freight details for a load that you aren’t yet ready to assign a driver or truck to. Once the order details are stored in the system, you can always dispatch it at a later time by quickly assigning the driver, truck & trailer that will transport the load.

This feature is best to use when:

  • You want to enter order details in advance, before the order is ready to be dispatched (sent to a driver).
  • You want to quote a client. By entering the customer’s information, the pick up & drop off locations, and the order charges, you can estimate and adjust the cost of the trip and send to clients for approval. Since the order hasn’t been dispatched, you can keep editing the order information until you and the client agree on the terms. 

Dispatch: Assigning the order (load) to a driver, truck & trailer. 

As mentioned above, you can quickly dispatch existing orders by choosing your driver and equipment from your Address Book & Truck Zone.
-OR- you can use the Dispatch feature as a shorter way to create an order. Since all of the order information fields are on the same screen, this is the fastest, simplest way to input your load information.

This feature is best to use when:

  • You need to create an order that is ready to be assigned to a driver.
  • If you need to enter load information, but you don’t want to notify the driver or don’t know who the driver will be yet, use the Order feature to store the load details & charges. Dispatch it later when you’re ready.
For a play-by-play on how to use these features, check out this video:

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