Trucking Companies Allow Drivers to Keep Pets

Pets—they’re amazing companions, the perfect co-pilot, and a great addition for a long trip on the road, don’t you think?

Well, that’s exactly what trucking companies are now realizing. In an effort to retain more drivers, companies are now allowing truckers to bring along their beloved four-legged friends. These companies came to this decision after reports revealed that a large number of dog owners were truckers. Smart move for trucking companies if you ask us! Allowing truckers to bring their pets along with them is a big step in the right direction for keeping drivers. And being able to bring along a pet while on the road is helping our truckers live healthier, happier lives.

So if your company allows you to bring along a furry friend, here are some tips for caring for them while on the road!

Give Them Plenty of Exercise

When traveling with a pet, you’ll have to make a few changes to your regular routine, like incorporating a few more stops. Dogs (and every animal for that matter) need to stretch their legs and get in a few good runs, every day.

Although I’m not a trucker, I do occasionally travel for a good bit of time with my trusty, border collie, Cobie. Although I could drive for eight hours and be alright, Cobie needs to get out of few times and stretch his legs. I try to plot out rest stops on my trip, so I know exactly where a good place to stop will be. Once stopped, I’ll let him enjoy the great outdoors before running him up and down the sidewalk a couple times. It’s great exercise for him, and me!

With the industry pushing towards being healthier on the road, dogs can have a dramatic impact on your overall health—for the better.

Space for Dog Supplies

Just like you have to pack for a long trip, so does your pet. You’ll want to have all of their toys, bed, and food prepared with enough supplies for the entire trip. Your dog might be perfectly fine sitting in the co-pilot’s seat without a bed, but most animals feel more secure with a bed that has sides. When bringing your pet along with you, you’ll also have to think about stuff that will make them more comfortable. A chew toy or something they can scratch (if they’re a cat) are great options to keep your pet entertained during those long trucking hours. A word from the wise, I made the mistake of giving my puppy way too many treats on a long road trip, which caused him to get a very upset stomach. Just like you wouldn’t eat a 10lb chocolate bar, limit how much treats you give your pet.

It’s important to keep in mind that you do stuff that makes you happy and more comfortable on the road, well, Fido needs the same.

Seat Belts for Your Pet

Seat belts were designed to keep you safe and secure in your seat in case any dramatic change in traffic causes you to slam on your brakes. Well, your pet needs one too!  You can create a makeshift seat belt with either a leash, rope, cord, or car harness designed specifically for pets. I suggest using a harness instead of a collar when attaching a seat belt to your pet.  A harness helps take the pressure off of your pet’s neck in case you do have to slam on the brakes, and it also helps keep them in place better. Of course, I tend to give Cobie a little bit of slack so he is free to move around.

Don’t Leave Them Too Long

Animals are just like small children, they don’t have the ability to open doors or roll down the windows if they become too hot. Just as you wouldn’t leave children in the car, don’t leave your pet behind! Try to find places that allow your dog to accompany you or make sure your time away from your truck is minimal. Animals are just as vulnerable as humans when it comes to heat strokes or being cold.

So truckers, be safe out there and enjoy your new co-pilot. When you bring your pet along with you, we promise, you’ll be happier—and healthier. 

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