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The TruckLogics Crew always takes the time to get to know you all better, but do you know who we are? We want you to be able to put a face to the angelic voices you hear over the phone, so here we are in our Sunday best, ready for introductions.


Bryan got his start in the trucking industry by assisting truckers to e-file their 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax with our ExpressTruckTax team. He spent many hours on the phone getting to know what truckers need to run their business, and has a great understanding of the transportation industry. Don’t let his professional demeanor fool you, Bryan is a die-hard USC fan (the real USC in SC, not the one in Cali) and can really get it on a guitar. Hopefully, the crew can persuade him to play a few tunes for you all on our Trucking Nation Podcast.

The newest addition to the TruckLogics Crew, Michelle has quickly adapted to the exciting world of trucking business management. After serving in the Marine Corps, she traveled the country before settling down in South Carolina. She’s a gaming master, Norse mythology expert, and always has a smile on her face. Her attitude is so positive, she earned the nickname – Cheerio.


Misty comes from a proud trucking legacy and makes a point to thank every trucker she speaks with for their hard work before hanging up the phone. Her latest hobby is trying to keep her new Mustang from exceeding the speed limit. You can hear her every week going over the latest TruckLogics updates, health and wellness tips, and a few jokes to lift your spirits as the host of the Trucking Nation Podcast. The latest episode is linked below.

Miss Kay is a beloved TruckLogics Crew member with a special gift to make you feel like an old friend when you talk with her on the phone. She enjoys solving problems, which comes in handy when truckers want to track very specific information. Her laugh is infectious and she has a rowdy gang of Dachshunds, lovingly named The Fat Bottom Boys. There is nothing this wonderful lady can’t do, and when you call TruckLogics and Miss Kay answers, know that your day is about to get a lot brighter.

Live Training Sessions

Now that you know us all a little bit better, get to know TruckLogics. Join the crew for a live training session where we go over the latest updates and give you a complete tour of TruckLogics. Every live training session is followed by a Q&A to answer any questions you have. Sign up today!

Join the crew to go over setting up your TruckLogics account and see a walk-through of how TruckLogics can improve your trucking business.
The crew will be going over our latest updates, including: accounts, invoicing, IFTA, our mobile app, driver management, and so much more!

Trucking Nation Podcast

We’re bringing back our Business Management Series and going over the difference between accrual vs. cash accounting. Misty Noel breaks it all down for you and makes it easy to understand. She received some great inspiration from truckers for the health and wellness segment you just have to hear. Click play, give it a listen, and have a few laughs.

We Want To Hear From You

Interested in learning more about TruckLogics? Great! Contact the TruckLogics Crew and we’ll hook you up with a free 15-day trial and set up a personal demo. Contact us via phone: 704.234.6946 or email us at [email protected].

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