Trucking Nation Podcast 2- Pete The Planner, Technology Chat, & Life Observations

Trucking Nation, how y’all doing today? Misty Noel here, and I’m back with episode 2 of the Trucking Nation Podcast.

This episode is chock full of great information and topped with a big helping of entertainment. I had the amazing opportunity to interview Pete The Planner from He had some great financial advice that relates directly to owner-operators in the trucking industry. You can check out the YouTube channel to see more from Pete. Here are a few of our favorites:

Then I had a wonderful visit with Elena and Bryan from TruckLogics to discuss the latest technology for owner-operators to help manage their business. They related Pete The Planner’s information about expenses and creating an emergency fund to a few of the exclusive features offered by TruckLogics. And if you are not sure exactly what TruckLogics is…it is an all-inclusive business management program for owner-operators and fleet managers that cost less than a regular-sized combo meal. It’s wonderful and seriously has the power to change your entire business management process. Check out the site –, and if you need more info, give em’ a call @ 704.234.6948

Before Elena and Bryan left, I had them take the What Kind of Truck Are You? Quiz and they both got MACK. We are a bit skeptical that the quiz is rigged, so give it a try and let us know if you get a different truck. Post your result with #TruckingNation, or leave a comment below.

To finish out the show I shared a few life observations and a reminder about the upcoming UCR and IRP renewals. There is a fabulous processing agency called Truck Services of North America that can handle all your renewal needs, as well as any permit, IFTA Filing, authorities, basically everything you need to stay compliant.

Episode 3 is already in the works, and it’s going to have some special holiday surprises! I appreciate everything you do Trucking Nation and I’ll talk at ya next week – Misty Noel.

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