1st Q. IFTA Deadline Coming Up: Create Your Return with TruckLogics!

Answer the following question completely and honestly:

Filing IFTA returns can be ______.
A. Exhausting
B. Frustrating
C. Terrifying
D. Expensive
E. All of the Above

The correct answer, folks, is clearly E. All of the above. Filing your quarterly IFTA return can be all kinds of stressful. But it doesn’t have to be.

As the April 30th IFTA deadline gets closer by the second, you’re likely feeling a hint of panic start to creep up.

But don’t give in! You aren’t alone. The Support Crew at TruckLogics knows what you’re up against. That’s why we’ve created software solutions to take the sting out of quarterly IFTA filings. Have a look at how fast and easy preparing your IFTA return can be when you have the right tools for the job.

Easier IFTA Filings- From Sea to Shining Sea

Some of you may have already heard that the TruckLogics’ IFTA feature uses your trip sheets to create a completed return for you.

Well…the rumors are true. TruckLogics will pull the mileage and fuel use data from your trip sheets and use that to generate IFTA reports, or if you choose, completed IFTA returns. All you need to do is print, sign, and mail.

No matter which state is your base jurisdiction, TruckLogics can create a completed, state-specific return for you. Plus we’ll include instructions on how to complete your submission, just in case.

Don’t Trip Over Your Trip Sheets

As we said, TruckLogics creates your IFTA return based on your trip sheet data, so be sure all trip sheets are complete and correct before you begin.

If you’re missing any trip sheets from January through March, you can either complete them manually, with Google Maps or most effectively with ProMiles.

Our ProMiles add-on feature really supercharges your TruckLogics account and opens up tons of benefits, the main two being:

1. The most accurate address-to-address routing available for transportation professionals. You’ll never harm your bottom line with out-of-route mileage again.

2. One-Click Trip Sheets! Within the Trip Sheets tab, simply check the box for ProMiles and it will automatically fill in your mileage per jurisdiction. All you need to add are fuel purchases.

  • Pro Tip: Sometimes, truckers don’t always take the shortest route that ProMiles provides. Detours happen. That’s why we added a Routing Stops feature. If you deviated from the ProMiles route, be sure to add your routing stops so that ProMiles can correct your total mileage on your trip sheets. For more information about routing stops, check out this blog

Ready. Set. File.

Once all of your trip sheets for the quarter are complete, it’s time to generate your return! Get ready because this part goes by real fast.

1. Head to the IFTA Dashboard. Just select IFTA along the top menu. There you’ll see 1st Quarter 2015. Click “Start New Return.”
2. The IFTA Truck List: Check the boxes next to the vehicles you’d like included in the IFTA return. Remember, this will pull from the trip sheets associated with that vehicle. To view the trip data associated with each vehicle, select “View Log” next to that truck.
3. Return Details: This is a summary of your total mileage, fuel use, and MPG for the quarter. Simply review and click next.
4. IFTA Tax Due: Add credits or refunds to your return if applicable.
5. Summary: You did it! This is your last chance to review and edit your information before creating the return. If everything looks kosher, head to the final step.
6. Download Your IFTA Return PDF: Simply select “Download IFTA PDF” and watch in amazement as hours of IFTA calculations melts away. Just sign your return, prepare your payment, and follow the attached instructions to submit it to your base jurisdiction!

Filing your quarterly IFTA return has never been so simple. It truly is the fastest, most affordable, and stress-free way to stay IFTA compliant.

If you’re new to TruckLogics, now is a great time to sign up for a trial! The 2nd Quarter is just beginning, making now the perfect time to start keeping your trip sheets in TruckLogics.

To get your free 15-day trial, just use promocode APRIL15.

Have questions? The Support Crew has your back! Call them at 704.234.6946. or email them at [email protected] for answers to your IFTA questions.

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