The Only 6 Check Calls You Need

An important part of trucking for everyone involved including dispatchers, shippers, carriers, and more is knowing where the actual truck is during a trip. How do they do that? They are updated with a check call. The driver calls to check in with their company and dispatcher once or twice a day to update them on their location, progress, and to receive any important instructions.

Your business can simplify this process with 6 check calls. Eliminate needless phone calls and save your dispatchers time when you streamline your trucking business by putting everything online. Making check calls an instant and hassle-free process that drivers can do easily from the road and dispatchers can manage without a phone call is important!

The Only 6 Check Calls You Need

  1. Starting Trip 
  2. At Shipper 
  3. Pickup Complete 
  4. Enroute 
  5. At Consignee 
  6. Drop-Off Complete 

Using your TruckLogics app, you an make 6 check calls: Starting Trip, At Shipper, Pickup Complete, Enroute, At Consignee, and Drop-Off Complete. The Starting Trip check call can only be made once by the driver. The At Shipper, Pickup Complete, At Consignee, and Drop-off Complete check calls can only be made once per shipper/consignee. The most useful check call is the Enroute check call, which can be made as many times as the client wishes and will pull the device’s location when the check call is made through a mobile/GPS enabled device.

Instantly Simplify Your Check Calls with TruckLogics Easy-to-Use App

All you have to do to instantly make a check call is log in to your TruckLogics account and click on the Dispatch tab to get started. Then click on ‘Assigned Dispatches” from the menu on the left and click the Check Call Tab.

Next, you will select which truck you’re driving and your activity such as if you have completed picking up a load or if you are at the drop off location. You can also add your current location, time of the check call, your odometer reading and any notes you would like to provide.

You can then save the check call and send it to your clients via email or text message. This entire process can be completed in about a minute and gets rid of the need to call tons of different people.

Also, your TruckLogics account has a nifty multi-user access feature so you can add multiple users to your account, like your drivers for example. You can also give them varying levels of access in your account to complete and manage different tasks for you and make their own check calls.

However, a lot of truckers don’t carry computers in their rigs, so how can they update their location on the road? The solution is simple. They can download the TruckLogics App in order to make check calls from any location at any time right from their smartphones or tablets.

More App Features

If you think that mobile check call feature sounds cool, just wait and see what else the TruckLogics app can do! This app helps track everything you need for your business from the comfort of your own cab.

You and your drivers can access your dispatch details at any time to see the pickup and drop off location, any special instructions, refer to the route, and more. You can also track your expenses with the document capture feature.

Every time you or your drivers make a business-related purchase, like fuel, for example, use the app to snap a photo of it and it will be uploaded to your account. Also, documents can be printed and emailed from the app.

The TruckLogics App also offers mobile chat so you can stay connected with your team at all times. You can instantly message each other about your location, share files such as trip docs, broadcast to all of your contacts, and more.

Try TruckLogics Today

We have only slightly scratched the surface when it comes to mentioning everything that TruckLogics can do. It’s the complete trucking business management solution with innovative features for sending instant check calls, creating dispatches in just a few clicks, effortlessly tracking your expenses, and more. Sign up for your FREE 15-day trial with TruckLogics today to see how it will help you streamline your entire operation.

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