The Best (Mostly) Free Apps For OTR Truckers in 2021

These are the best apps for OTR drivers for 2021

Here at TruckLogics, we want to provide you with the best possible mobile solutions for running your trucking business. While we provide tons of fantastic mobile business management features with our TruckLogics TMS mobile app, there are also lots of other mobile trucker apps that you can use to make your time on the road easier.

Here are our top apps to make OTR driving easier for truckers in 2021! These apps provide practical solutions for finding truck parking, staying connected, and even staying healthy.

Top OTR Trucking Apps 2021

Weigh My Truck

The Weigh My Truck app allows you to weigh your truck and pay for your weigh on any CAT scale using your smartphone.

iOS, Android


When it comes to staying connected and up-to-date with trucking news, there’s no better app than CDLLife. While primarily a trucking forum meant to foster conversation between truckers, CDLLife also provides trip planning with information about truck parking, weigh stations, maintenance facilities, a job board, and more. 

Free: iOS, Android

Trucker’s Slide Calc

The Trucker’s Slide Calc app helps you figure out how to best balance your load on your trailer axles. It uses an algorithm to simulate axle weight and tell you where best to place the axle.

iOS, Android


The myPayWow app helps you run and track payroll while on the road. If you or your fleet uses PayWow, you can clock in and out, request time off, download pay stubs, upload documents, and more.

iOS, Android

Calorie Counter

The Calorie Counter app makes it easy to maintain a healthy diet while OTR. You can add everything you’ve eaten and all your exercise to make sure your on track for your goals.

iOS, Android

Weather Channel

Of course, you’ve heard the Weather Channel. But their app can help you stay up-to-date on the latest changes in the weather, which is especially helpful in the winter months.

iOS, Android

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The TruckLogics mobile app is also here to help you manage your business while OTR! You can manage dispatches, documents, expenses, and even e-sign BOLs from wherever you are. Get a 15-day free trial of TruckLogics today! There’s no obligation and no credit card information required.

iOS, Android

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