Trucking Nation Podcast: 20. Trucker Apps for Summer, HVUT, & The Sugar Effect

How are you, Trucking Nation? I hope the road is treating you particularly well these past few weeks. I have doing a bit of research – as one does when wanting to learn a few things – and I have found, tested, and now reviewed the best apps for truckers to have this summer. I also got to see the new Mad Max: Fury Road and I just had to talk about it for a few minutes. Have you seen it yet? It’s amazing and seeing a semi-truck rip it up through the desert is thoroughly entertaining. I highly recommend it for every trucker. Okay, enough gushing over the movie, click that link and enjoy the show!

Here’s The Breakdown

Best Apps for Truckers | Summer 2015
Truckers, y’all have a lot going on this summer and there are some great apps to help you out. These apps are super easy to use and they are all free.

IFTA Tax Calculator – available on Apple and Google Play

Form 2290 Tax Calculator – available on Apple and Google Play

ExpressTruckTax App – available on Apple and Google Play

Find out more about these apps on the Summer’s Hottest Trucking Apps blog.

Get Ready for the 2290 HVUT Season
If you are unfamiliar with the 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, let me fill you in. It’s an annual road tax that usually costs a lot of money and most truckers have to file every year. You know, it’s that thing you have to file to get that Stamped Schedule 1 form so you can update your tags and stay compliant. Well if you need more info head on over to and contact the ETT Support Crew and they will tell you all about it.

For most truckers this tax is pretty expensive at around $550. Filing season doesn’t start just yet – I’ll give you an update when you can e-file with ExpressTruckTax –but right now is the perfect time to start planning this expense and have all your information entered into your ExpressTruckTax account.

The Sugar Effect
If you have been following my podcasts, then you know the second half is dedicated to trucker health & fitness. Not too long ago, I was searching for something on Netflix and came across the Fed Up documentary. I’m telling you, if you are having a problem getting the weight off, or just always feeling sluggish and slow and just not great, this documentary could really open your eyes to the reason why. It’s sugar – an outstanding amount of sugar – that has been introduced into everything you eat – for the most part. Processed sugars have a horrible effect on the body and cause you to lose all energy and really pack on the pounds. It really is worth it to watch and see how our food has changed and why the American population as a whole is getting bigger and how to start cutting the sugar out of your everyday diet.

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