These Apps For Drivers Are Trucking Awesome

The trucking industry is becoming more and more tech involved every day. Even Though you’re out on the road driving you’re going to find more things like GPS units, smartphones, and even tablets in the cab. Just when you thought the hip thing to do was to have a laptop with you, now it’s all about apps. Trucking apps can really make a difference in making your route planning and trips easier, so check out some of these top-rated apps for truckers that you can enjoy on a daily basis.

Note: TruckLogics doesn’t support playing or using your phones, tablets, or laptops while you drive. Pay attention to the road, safety always comes first.

Top Trucking Apps

First, we have to, of course, speak about TruckLogics because TruckLogics is the all in one business management app that makes it easy to manage your entire business, even while out on the road. TruckLogics makes it possible for you to create dispatches, managing invoices, and bills, manage recurring expenses, update trip logs, and more, all with a few clicks.

TruckLogics also has innovative IFTA calculating software to help truckers calculate their mileage per jurisdiction, fuel tax, and fuel per gallon per jurisdiction while providing up-to-date tax rates per jurisdiction. Truckers can use TruckLogics to calculate their IFTA tax totals and then print or email their sheet to correctly complete their IFTA returns.

Plus, TruckLogics uses ProMiles to automatically keep up with mileage per jurisdiction based on their drop off, pick up, and route stop locations. ProMiles also uses google maps to plan the best routes and has fuel optimization technology to show truckers the best places to stop for fuel and the lowest prices in the area.

Next up we have the FatSecret Calorie Counter app, even though it’s no secret that the majority of truckers are overweight. Y’all might be fat and happy, but if you choose to be a little more health-conscious FatSecret is there for you.

FatSecret lets you record what you eat from restaurants to track your calories and even lets you scan the barcodes on the packages food and drinks you consume. It also lets you log your daily exercises and will give you a daily progress chart based on your weight. You can also connect with the FatSecret community to ask questions and get tips from other users and join groups.

We have to give a shout out to FleetSafer Mobile because they are keeping our roads safer. FleetSafer recognizes when trucks are driving and silences cell phones. Drivers won’t have access to calls, texts, or other alerts while driving. If someone is trying to contact you they’ll receive an auto-reply letting them know that you’re busy driving. Don’t worry about remembering to turn FleetSafer on because it will automatically start once you begin driving.

WhatsApp? We will tell you what up with this awesome messaging app. WhatsApp lets you speak freely to your contacts. You send voice messages back and forth as if they were text messages with a single click. It reminds us old-timers of the chirp back in the day when flip phones were a thing. When you receive a WhatsApp message you can play it as many times as you would like with a single click.

You could say WhatsApp does it all because it allows to create group chats where you can instantly send videos and voice messages, and it also has a video chat feature so once you’re parked you can see the faces of your friends and families for a nice chat.

Drivewyze makes it possible for you to keep going, literally. Tired of stopping at weigh stations? We’re sure you would like to pass them on by, and now you can with Drivewyze, the weigh station bypass app. You’ll receive hands-free audio notifications about upcoming weigh stations and inspections with a route on how to bypass them.

But wait, what about the fuzz?! If you get pulled over, don’t worry Drivewyze lets you legally bypass weigh stations, and if you’re stopped the Recall feature will let you show the cop the last weigh station instructions you received.

TruckPath was made for truckers by a trucker. It provides information about where truck stops are and will have a GPS route for you. You can search for Flying J, Wal-Mart, Loves, and more to find the trucking stop that you want. Plus, you can read reviews about the truck stops to see what amenities they have to offer and if they’re safe.

Don’t you hate when you pull off and don’t have a place to park? Avoid that frustration with TruckPath because truckers update the parking situation in real-time! Also, you can even use the app to call ahead and book a parking spot for some truck stops.

TruckPath also takes a little of the headaches out of weigh-stations because truckers update if weigh stations are opened or closed, so you don’t have to waste your time pulling through a closed station.

Catch Up On The Latest Apps

The freedom of the open road is now made easier and more convenient with the help of the coolest trucking apps available for smartphones, tablets, and computers. They help truckers cut down on texting and driving with hands-free applications and show them the best places to stop to get rest and fuel up.

Don’t be an ancient trucker stuck in the stone age. Check out a few of these innovative apps to see how they can make your life on the road better. Also, check back with TruckLogics for more trucking news and be sure to comment about your favorite trucking apps in the section below.

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