The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Truckers Today

Listen up, truckers!

You’ve got a lot on your plate.

From running 14-hour routes, dealing with government regulations, to being away from friends and family—you’ve got a tough gig.

And not to add any more toppings to the trucker challenge cake, we just felt like more people (especially four-wheelers) needed to know the challenges that are facing truckers today.

So keep reading to find out what the biggest challenges in the trucking industry are, and what you can yell at the next four-wheeler who cuts you off.

Challenge #1: Not Enough Pay for the Work

Sure, in every job there are days you feel like you don’t make enough money for the work you do. But for truck drivers, sometimes that day seems like every day.

You spend about 14 hours out on the road, fight deadlines, battle weather, and put up with reckless four-wheelers.

And don’t be fooled by the marketing strategies that say you’ll be home every weekend.

Most of the time, it doesn’t happen.

Challenge #2: The Constant Push to be Healthy

Now we are complete supporters of all truckers living healthy lives, but we understand the struggle and tight constraint you are now put under due to new regulations.

From your significant other, to your company, to the government, to (sometimes) us—it seems like everyone is pushing truckers to lead a healthier life.

Unfortunately, the way routes are designed and the time constraint you’re put under, there’s not enough time to stop and prepare a healthy meal or exercise.

You’re caught between a rock and a hard place. You need to exercise and lead a healthier life, but you need to make it to your destination before the load is considered late.

It seems though that the new regulations in Congress are going to help you get the hours you need off from work to lead a more healthy, active lifestyle.

Fingers crossed.

Challenge #3: The Relationship Strain

Being away from family is tough.

And in this career, it seems like you’re in a different part of the country every week, causing you to miss out on a lot of family time.

Luckily, trucking companies are working to remedy this by letting spouses and significant others join their trucker on the road!

Family road trip!

Challenge #4: The Constant Search for a Place to Sleep

Sure your truck comes with it’s own bed for you to pass out in after a long day (or night) on the road. But it’s not like you can just pull over on the side of the road and sleep.

One of the biggest challenges facing the trucking industry now is the scarcity of truck stops.

States have cut funding to many rest stops, leaving truckers to park in empty parking lots and less-than-ideal areas.

The lack of safe places to park is a big safety concern for truckers.

Challenge #5: The Struggle Between Company and Government

Your company wants you to deliver the load in the fastest time possible, whereas the government wants you to take long breaks to ensure safety on the roadways.

You’re now in a tug-of-war between the two.

Which do you listen to?

You don’t want to break the law and get fined, but you don’t want to lose good customers or get let go from your company.

It seems the government has realized this, but instead of handing out fines to companies, they’ve instead placed heavy restrictions on you and monitoring systems in your truck.

So much for your freedom!

We get it, truckers! You guys got a lot of pressure on your shoulders, which is why we’re so appreciative of the work that you do for us.

You guys are what makes America run. Without you, well, who knows where we’d be!

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