Improve Operational Efficiency With Our Revolutionary Dispatching

Dispatches are a pretty essential part of the trucking process. They let drivers know where to pick-up and drop off their loads, help you track your driver’s progress, and more. However, without a system to help you remember all the details about different dispatches important notes like specific instructions for the drivers or rates could get lost and forgotten.

That’s why TruckLogics, the number one operation efficiency program for transportation fleets developed a dispatching feature that allows fleet owners and managers to easily create, edit, record dispatches all from one convenient location.

How TruckLogics Makes Dispatching Easy 

First of all, it’s important that we mention that TruckLogics is completely mobile. This means with the TruckLogics App that you and your drivers can access your dispatch details from any smartphone or tablet, making it easy to quickly check on current and previous dispatches at any time from any location.

Plus, with the Address Book and Truck Zone features sending a dispatch is quick and easy because most of the fields with automatically be filled in for you to eliminate time wasted on data entry.

All you have to do is log into your TruckLogics account and click the ‘Dispatches’ button from the toolbar to access your dispatch records. You can view all of your dispatches for the week, month, year to date, or more. The dispatches are also organized by unassigned dispatches, assigned dispatches, active dispatches, delivered dispatches, and canceled dispatches.

To create a new dispatch get started by clicking ‘New Dispatch’ to create a Quick Dispatch without a load or a Dispatch for Existing Loads then you can add a variety of details about the shipper and consignee. You can also enter the pickup and drop off location and add specific notes for the driver and contact information for the pickup and drop off location.

Then you can assign your driver and equipment for the job. Because all of your driver records and vehicles are kept in your TruckLogics they can be instantly added to your dispatch. You can add up to two drivers for teams. You can also assign the best truck for the job. For example, assign your truck with the best MPG to longer trips.


Speaking of the best MPG, all dispatches are efficiently routed with ProMiles, to find the best route possible. You can choose the most gas efficient route or the fastest route to suit the needs of your trip. Then with a single click, you can add that data to your trip sheet and your mileage per jurisdiction will be stored for your IFTA report.

TruckLogics makes it easy to stay connected with your drivers and clients, by making it easy to update them about your driver’s progress and location at any time. You can also instantly capture your BOL and proof of delivery to send to your clients in order to simplify your daily check-in.

Plus, with TruckLogics calculating your dispatch charges is easy. Just enter in your hauling fees, FSC fees, accessorial fees, any discounts, and advance received from your client and your dispatch balance will be automatically and accurately calculated and recorded for you.

Try TruckLogics Today!

Sign up for your free 15-day trial with TruckLogics today to see how much time you can save with our innovative, time-saving dispatch feature that can be accessed through the TruckLogics app from any location. Plus, you can take advantage of all of the other revolutionary features that TruckLogics has to offer in order to improve your operational efficiency.

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