How-to Tuesday: Vehicle Maintenance Records and Reports

With TruckLogics, tracking maintenance is easy. You can easily enter maintenance tasks and have reminders sent to you (learn more about maintenance here). 

You can also record the completed maintenance tasks along with the charges for easy accounting. It’s simple to run a report to figure out which trucks are costing you the most in maintenance.

How to record completed maintenance

1. From your Dashboard, click on the Truck Zone tab and then choose “Maintenance” from the drop-down menu.

2. Select the maintenance task you would like to record as completed and click the action icon next to it. You can also click the completed maintenance filter option, the “Add Completed Maintenance” if the maintenance task was not previously scheduled.

3. Enter the odometer reading, payment mode, and all the cost details on as many lines as you need. You can also attach the receipt. Click “Save” when you’re finished.

How to run a maintenance report for an audit

1. Go to Reports and click on Equipment Maintenance Report.

2. Choose the period you would like to run the report for and click “Generate Report”. All the maintenance tasks completed during that period will appear here. You can then print this report for your records.

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