How-To Tuesday: Creating Leased Operator Settlements

How leased operators can create carrier settlements

With TruckLogics, leased operators can streamline their entire carrier settlement process. No matter what kind of income, reimbursements, or deductions you need to include, TruckLogics has you covered.

How to create a carrier settlement

1. From your dashboard, select “Add Settlement” from the Settlements drop-down menu.

2. Enter the Carrier name, settlement period start and end date, and check date. Then begin adding settlement information for each of your trips. You can add total income, any deductions, and any reimbursements associated with each trip. Continue until all your trips are filled out.

3. You can enter any Other Income, Other Deductions, or Retained Earnings, that are not specific to your trips here. For instance, other income might include cash guarantees, other deductions might include truck insurance payments, and retained earnings might include maintenance escrow fund additions.

4. You will now see your Net Settlement. You can optionally add payment mode information and attach a photo of your settlement. When have entered all information, click “Save”.

5. Your settlement will now be added to the settlement list along with any other settlements you have added.

Want to create settlements with TruckLogics?

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