How-To Tuesday: Adding Per Trip Deductions and Reimbursements

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TruckLogics simplifies the settlement process for your trucking employees and contractors. Even the most complex reimbursement and deduction scenarios can be handled in just a few clicks with TruckLogics.

Here’s how to add contractor expenses to dispatches along with trucking deductions or reimbursements.

How to add per trip deductions and reimbursements

1. From your dashboard, go to the Dispatches tab.

2. Select the dispatch you would like to add an expense to.

3. Go to the Expenses tab of the dispatch, and click “+ Add Fuel Expense” or “+ Add Other Expense”.

4. Add all the expense information including date, mode, payee, amount, the driver who paid, and expense category. Then select “Reimburse to Driver?” or “Deduct From Pay?” depending on your needs. Click “Save”.

5. Navigate to the Settlements tab of the dispatch. If you selected the reimbursement option, you will see that the additional reimbursement has been added to the driver settlement.

6. If you selected the deduction option, you will see that the expense has been deducted from the settlement.

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