How-to Tuesday: Driver Acknowledgement Emails

Learn how to have your drivers confirm their dispatch availability.

TruckLogics now enables you to ask your driver to acknowledge their dispatch assignments by email. Once they are assigned by you, TruckLogics can automatically send them an email which they must respond to before a predetermined deadline. 

If the driver does not respond or declines the dispatch, you can assign another driver or manually confirm their availability. 

Here’s how to set up driver acknowledgement emails.

How to Set Up Driver Acknowledgment Emails

1. Make sure that your driver contacts have their email addresses attached. For existing driver contacts, you can edit their email address by going to the address book and clicking on the pen next to their name. 

2. Simply create dispatches as normal, then add your driver and click the “Assign & Wait for Confirmation” check box. (If you have not added the driver’s email, you can do that now.) 

You can then give the driver a deadline by which they must respond (the default is 4 hours). Click “Create Dispatch” and TruckLogics will send your driver an acknowledgment email. 

3. When your driver receives the email, they will need to click “Decline” or “Accept”. (If they do not respond by the deadline, you will be notified).

4. Your driver will then be taken to a portal where they must click “Decline” or “Accept”.

5. You will receive an email with the status of your driver.

6. This will be reflected in the TruckLogics dispatch you created.

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