Halloween Dangers: Things To Look Out For On The Road

Trucker in fall staying road safe

Successful Halloween driving takes more than your typical level of focus and concentration.

As a truck driver, you’re constantly on the road, and you know what truck driving tips you need to abide by for safe trucking.

Driving during the holidays, however, is an entirely different world.

While we are here to help your trucking business succeed, our ultimate priority is road safety for truck drivers. This includes keeping you safe during the holidays.

Keep an eye out for these specific Halloween dangers.

Truck Driving Tips for Halloween Driving

Halloween Dangers

Halloween is a holiday, and with holidays come parties.

Unfortunately, this usually means an increase in drunk driving. If you see a drunk driver on the road, call 911 and give law enforcement the model and license plate number of the vehicle.

Your own safety is certainly important, so slow down and let them pass, or just move away out of collision range. In addition, though, please take it a step further and report. You never know who’s life you could be saving.

You can spot a drunk driver by looking out for swerving, tailgating, drifting, driving without headlights in the dark, and other erratic behavior.

Humans aren’t the only ones jeopardizing road safety for those Halloween driving. Not only is it the season of ghouls and ghosts, but it’s also mating season for deer!

Be aware of your surroundings and know at any given time if you can get over if needed.

If a deer is in the road frozen in fear, flash your lights and honk your horn to alarm it into action. If it does not move, avoid swerving abruptly or slamming on your brakes. Keep trucking and assess the damage once it’s safe to pull over.

Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

If the dangers of drunk driving and deer aren’t enough to convince you to stay extra alert this holiday season, keep in mind that law enforcement efforts will be increased.

The threat of a huge ticket might just be enough to keep you on your best road safety behavior.

Here are some truck driving tips to keep your money in your pocket:

–  Don’t tailgate
–  Take your time changing lanes
–  Stay level headed; avoid road rage
–  Don’t speed

Disregarding these 4 things will set law enforcement off around the holidays because they jeopardize road safety and endanger drivers nearby.

With increased traffic, you may need increased focus to ensure that you’re abiding by these rules. Don’t let your mind wander or drift. Be a defensive driver. 


With the winter holidays coming, you might be distracted by other things. Make road safety for truck drivers your priority.

Ensure that your truck’s maintenance is up to date! No matter how many road safety tips for truck drivers you abide by, you could still face disaster if your truck isn’t in perfect working order.

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