TruckLogics with ExpressIFTA: Prepare Your Quarterly IFTA Return in Seconds

We recently announced our latest TruckLogics add-on: ProMiles. This bonus feature is essential for transportation professionals, helping to trim costs and save time across the board.

Not only does ProMiles provide accurate address-to-address routing for trucks, eliminating costly out-of-route mileage, it also automatically generates trip sheets within TruckLogics.

When it comes to quarterly IFTA filings, having organized trip sheets is half the battle! But what about the other half?

Sure, your mileage per jurisdiction & fuel use are already neatly typed up and at your fingertips. But alas! This still leaves hours each quarter of toiling over a calculator, manually calculating the tax due

and filling out the form.

Well, kiss that paperwork goodbye! You can throw that calculator in the trash too because we’ve got a solution.

We’re officially announcing yet another TruckLogics add-on that will make IFTA filings easier than you ever dreamed possible.

In addition to ProMiles, TruckLogics is now joining forces with ExpressIFTA to create a time-saving Trifecta of Awesomeness! *cue dramatic music*

The fourth quarter of IFTA has only just begun, making this the perfect time to take advantage of TruckLogics. 

If you start using TruckLogics with ProMiles now, by the time the quarter ends in December, the ExpressIFTA integration will be up-and-running! (Our programming elves are already hard at work to make this Christmas miracle possible!)

Look into the future with me a moment. When that miraculous day comes to fruition, and it’s time to file your fourth quarter IFTA return, what will be different?

Three months of Trip Sheets will be complete, organized, and at your disposal–which is a triumph in and of itself! Then, you’ll confidently login to your TruckLogics account, and with the click of a single button, your Trip Sheets will be automatically uploaded into ExpressIFTA AND converted into a complete IFTA report–ready to be printed and submitted.

The hours or days spent typing, calculating, and weeping over your keyboard are condensed into a single quick & painless moment.

Think of everything you can do with that extra time. I’m sure you have a few ideas…

So what can you do today to ensure this brighter future is yours?

  • Step 1: If you haven’t created a TruckLogics account yet, start now
  • Step 2: Keep up with your Trip Sheets every day. This part is easy. When creating your Trip Sheets, just select “ProMiles” instead of manual under “Update Trip Sheet.” The sheet will be completed for you; all you need to add is fuel use and any non-taxable/toll miles!
  • Step 3: When the fourth quarter ends, login to TruckLogics as usual, and use our ExpressIFTA bonus feature to create your report in seconds. ExpressIFTA calculates all of the fuel tax due and creates a form for you based on the reports you enter–except now, you won’t even have to enter them! Just enjoy the calculating magic.

They say that if something seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. But thankfully, that doesn’t apply here.

This is good. And this is true. This time-saving Trifecta is just one of the reasons we built TruckLogics to begin with. It’s our passion and our privilege to develop solutions that simplify your life and help your business grow.

And there’s always more where this came from. We never stop thinking of new ways to help you. And that’s why the Support Crew is always available too! Call them at 704.234.6946 or get 24/7 email assistance at [email protected].

Don’t let IFTA filings control you any longer. This is the dawning of a new era for your business, one without paperwork.

Take back control with TruckLogics, and the only place you’ll be seeing paperwork is in your rear-view mirror.

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