How To Be Prepared For The Cold Weather

Cold weather is coming! Be ready and prepared on the road this winter with these tips!

Winter is right around the corner and the temperature is beginning to drop. This means cooler and more dangerous conditions will be apparent, especially on the roads. 

It’s important to be prepared for these conditions so you don’t find yourself in unfortunate situations!

Check Your Vehicle Out

No one knows your truck better than you do! But in cold weather and freezing temperatures, the weather could be harmful to your truck and cause further issues. 

As a result of this, it could be important to give your truck a quick inspection before you head out! This could ensure that you don’t find yourself stranded and cold on the side of the road later!

Check your tire pressure, engine oil, antifreeze levels, or any other parts of your vehicle that you may want to double-check, just to make sure everything runs nice and smooth!

Keep Your Eye Out For Black Ice

The main thing that you want to look out for once the temperatures start dropping is black ice. Black Ice is a layer of ice that forms on top of roads. It is often hard to detect and hitting a batch of this ice can result in your tires spinning or cause your car to skid off the road.

If you hit a patch of black ice, it’s important not to panic! Instead of mashing down on the brake and locking up your tires, try to keep the steering wheel straight and don’t hit the brakes. Only make subtle turns until you pass the patch of ice to avoid spinning out.

Black ice usually forms early in the morning and late evenings, so if you think there may be some ice in the area, look out and be careful!

Stock Up on Useful Supplies

Anything can happen while on the road! Because of this, try to have supplies that may help you in certain situations. 

These supplies could be anything that can keep you warm or help you get back on the road!

Here are some examples of supplies that could be helpful to have in your cab:

  • Coats, jackets, and gloves
  • Blankets
  • Jumper Cables
  • Snow scrapers
  • Flashlights

Stay Safe Out There!

As the holiday season approaches, we understand how hard truckers work to get supplies to everyone all over the country. While you are out there keeping this nation moving, we hope and wish for safe travels for all of our truckers!

Thank you for all the work that you do!

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