Effortlessly Keep Track Of Your Recurring Expenses

Bills, bills, bills, am I right? They’re always rolling in, and like the in-laws, they can’t be avoided forever. Plus, it sure does turn into a mess when you miss a payment and get hit with a late fee. As an owner-operator, if you’re busy and signing off on monthly bills that your accountant handles you can miss out on where you’re hemorrhaging money away.

Here at TruckLogics, we want to help you stay on top of your finance game by making it easy and simple to manage your recurring expenses with their expense managing tools.

But What’s TruckLogics?

We’re glad you asked. TruckLogics is the total business management solution specifically designed for owner-operators and fleet managers to help them save time and effectively manage their business.

TruckLogics has a mobile version for smartphones and tablets, so you can even check in on your business while on the road. You don’t even need wifi!

Best of all, TruckLogics has tons of innovative features for dispatch management, driver settlements, electronic driver logs, compliance logs, recurring expenses, and more. 

Recurring Expenses With TruckLogics

So, it’s a pretty basic concept, recurring expenses are the charges you incur on a regular, scheduled basis. They’re there every month around the same time. They could consist of fuel charges or your monthly insurance fee. Then you experience the hassle of having to account for those expenses and add them to all of your reports and records.

However, TruckLogics allows you to create a recurring expense that will automatically be calculated in your reports. This way you’ll save time without having to add the expenses to your reports manually each month and you’ll never forget to add it either.

It’s extremely easy to add your recurring expense in a matter of seconds. Simply log into your TruckLogics account click ‘Accounts’ then click ‘Expense Transactions” and click ‘Add Recurring Expense’.

You can then add details about your recurring expenses such as the name of the expense, how often it occurs, and the date that it occurs. You can also add who you pay, how much, and any additional details necessary, like the category that the expense falls under, who it was paid by, and their method of payment.

Recurring expenses can be added from your smartphone or tablet so you don’t even have to be back at your office when a new repeating charge comes along. Add it while on the road or while in the convenience of your own home, right from the palm of your hand.

After you’ve added your recurring expenses you’ll see them automatically get updated in your financial reports. It’s a good way to track your monthly expenses and look at where a lot of your income is going. 

Get Started with TruckLogics

Along with recurring expenses, TruckLogics will also help you create invoices, keep up with your bills, and manage all of your expenses. TruckLogics also has a ton of easy-to-use features for integrating your QuickBooks, maintenance, IFTA, and more.

Sign up for your free 15-day TruckLogics today to see how it will instantly help you save time while effectively managing every aspect of your business.

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