TruckLogics IFTA | Mobile App, Trip Sheets, & ProMiles

The October 30th IFTA deadline is coming up quick! Thank goodness TruckLogics has a built-in IFTA filing feature that makes generating your IFTA return quick and painless. We went over the basic process in the previous blog, TruckLogics | How It Works, but now we are going to go a little more in-depth into trip sheets, ProMiles, and the mobile app.

Trip Sheets

Trip sheets are the unsung heroes of our IFTA filing process. Each dispatch you create has a trip sheet, and when completed, will automatically forward your miles to your IFTA return. This way, you enter your mileage for each dispatch as you go instead of waiting until the deadline to enter everything at once, greatly decreasing the chance of errors. To quickly view all your trip sheets at once, head over to your Truck Zone (located at the top of your screen) and you can view the dispatch history for each truck. From there you can edit mileage and update your trip sheets all in one place.

Filling Out Your Trip Sheet

1. The first step to filling out your trip sheet is to make sure the start location and zip codes are set correctly. You can edit the start location by selecting the See The History Here option. There you can view a list of your most recent start locations for you to choose from.

2. Next, check over the routing details for your trip. You should see the start, pickup, and drop-off locations.

3. The most efficient way to fill in your trip sheet is to select the blue Enter Trip Sheet Using ProMiles button. You won’t have to manually enter any information, and the calculations are done using practical miles. Your miles will auto-generate accurately by simply clicking on Update Trip Sheet.

4. Once your trip sheet has been updated, review the information and then click Save at the bottom of the screen. Your miles will automatically transfer to your IFTA return for that quarter.


The TruckLogics IFTA filing process has been integrated with ProMiles for accurate tracking of your mileage. The ProMiles feature saves you time by only requiring a click of a button to complete your trip sheet, rather than you looking up the mileage and manually entering the information. If you find that you need to change the routing information, ProMiles will automatically recalculate your miles for you. ProMiles will calculate your mileage based on practical miles, but you do have the option to calculate mileage by the shortest miles if you prefer. This feature makes your life so much easier because it’s just one click and you’re done.

TruckLogics Mobile App

When you’re on the road and need an efficient solution to record your fuel-up expenses so they automatically forward to your IFTA return for the quarter, the TruckLogics Mobile app is all you need. You can even capture the receipt image for complete documentation of your purchases. You only need to enter the fuel-up information once and TruckLogics will take care of the rest.

Contact the TruckLogics Support Crew

If you have any questions about completing trip sheets and generating an IFTA return using TruckLogics, contact The Crew via phone: 704-234-6946 or email: [email protected].

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