How To Focus On Your Trucking Business After the 2290 Due Date

Congrats! You’ve survived the 2290 due date. You officially don’t need to worry about IRS Form 2290 again until next year.

Unless you haven’t filed.

If you missed the 2290 due date, you’ll want to file ASAP to avoid increased penalties and interest. File online with the industry’s leading provider, ExpressTruckTax.

You’ll be done in minutes. It’s the place to go for filing amendments as well.

But enough of that. If you filed before the 2290 due date, I’m sure you’re tired of all the tax talk. Let’s focus on how to grow your trucking business and climb to the top of the owner-operator trucking world.

Growing Your Trucking Business

Track Everything

One of the most important parts of running a trucking business is tracking everything.

You’ll need to do this to keep records for tax purposes, and to determine where your trucking business is gaining or losing money.

Finding profitable loads is critical to increasing profit, as well as curbing money spent on other things, like for instance, penalties from missing the previously mentioned 2290 due date.

Stop throwing money away and stay on top of driver logs, expenses, and taxes.

The best way to do this is through the use of a trucking business management program or trucking company software program, which we’ll talk about later.

Focus on Time Management

A big part of owning a business is knowing when to release the reins through outsourcing.

Let others take ownership of certain daily processes so that you can focus on other critical elements of your trucking business.

Again, this can be directly related to choosing a trucking business management program.

You’ll want a system that allows multiple-user access.

Find a Trucking Business Management Program

The best solution for accomplishing the first two points is to find a trucking company software program that can do them for you.

Whether you’re an independent owner-operator, leased operator, or fleet manager, you need a trucking company software program that can log your information and keep a record for you.

TruckLogics is your go-to solution for trucking business management.

Independent owner-operators can manage their entire business from one place and pay less than $10 a month to do so. They can manage dispatches, track income & expenses, schedule maintenance, send invoices, and more.

Leased operators can streamline their recordkeeping by tracking income, running profit & loss reports, and recording maintenance & trip details.

Lastly, fleet owners can access even more features in the fleet management app like TruckZone, which maintains fleet details to make them organized and accessible. 
They can also set automatic reminders for upcoming vehicle maintenance.
At the core of it all, a trucking business will not profit if it doesn’t have a clear picture of what elements or factors are contributing to success and what aren’t.

Stay on top of it all and track your company’s profit. Never worry about forgetting to budget for upcoming maintenance, or not having the correct paperwork and trip sheets when needed.

TruckLogics will take care of it for you.

Give it a test drive for 15 days for free!

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