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Competition among small fleets is insane in the trucking industry. For you guys, it’s all about having that competitive edge so you can one-up the competition and keep moving forward. TruckLogics is going to give you the competitive edge that puts you in front of the pack and it’s going to streamline your business all at the same time. Sound too good to be true? It’s real my friends, so enough writing about what it can do, let’s see how it works!

The Competitive Edge

Custom Business Management

Not every trucking business runs the same. TruckLogics allows you to customize your Load/Dispatch/Invoice numbers, create your own maintenance and deadline schedules with reminders, set your own accessorial fees, and so much more. You can customize your Dashboard to show exactly what you want to see, so you know what is active and when things are due right when you log into your account. Even your reports are customizable to show information for any date range, truck, customer, or anything else you want to see.

Financial Tracking

Tracking your finances is the key to success in business management. Income and expenses are meticulously tracked in TruckLogics. You can generate a Profit & Loss Report for any date range or for any truck to see where the money is going and how you can increase profits. You also have the option to generate your P&L report based on accrual or cash accounting. Reminders can even be set for a multitude of things so you stay in-the-know on every active dispatch, invoice, and task.


You always want to be professional. How you present yourself, how your documents look when sent to clients, and how you communicate needs to have that professional element so you stand out. With TruckLogics, every quote, order summary, and invoice you send to clients will represent your business in the highest professional manner. You can even customize your documents with your company logo and specialized notes for clients to really make you memorable. TruckLogics makes sending and receiving information from clients incredibly efficient via email and fax options so your clients don’t have to work to do business with you.

Setting Up Your Account

TruckLogics is packed with everything you could ever need to manage your business. You can experience it today with our free 15-day trial! Check out how easy it is to set up your account and get started.

Contact the Crew

When you have questions, we have answers. Contact the TruckLogics Support Crew, located in Rock Hill, SC, via phone: 704-234-6946 or email: [email protected].

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