TruckLogics Updates

You may have missed it, but we’ve updated TruckLogics! We’re going to run you through the process, beat-by-beat.

QuickBooks® Software Integration

You can now sync your address book between TruckLogics and QuickBooks®. It’s as simple as opening your address book and clicking “sync.” After that, you just need to click “Connect to QuickBooks®.”

By synchronizing your address book, you can share details such as customers, drivers, brokers, vendors, carriers, factoring and staff between QuickBooks® and TruckLogics.

Recurring Expenses

You can now add recurring expenses from the accounts! Add a recurring expense by clicking “Add Recurring Expenses” from the Expense Transactions menu. Your expenses will get automatically added to your account at 5 AM EST based on the frequency selected.

Multiple Trucks, Single Dispatch

While the average person might think one truck treks across the entire continent, you know better than anyone that sometimes you’re using multiple trucks to take one load. While this could create a headache, that’s not the case with TruckLogics.

Planning a haul that involves multiple trucks? You can now add up to 3 trucks for a single dispatch! Once the route for all the trucks is entered, all other features of the dispatch, like routing, check call, expense, trip sheet, and settlement, will have its reflections.

  • Routing: Each route map will differ per truck based on the route they are assigned.
  • Check Call: The specific activity and location will be listed based on the truck selected. You can add a separate starting trip for each of the trucks assigned.
  • Expenses: You can choose the specific truck for a particular fuel up or other expense.
  • Trip Sheet: Each truck will have a different Trip Sheet. Once you add the complete route separately for each truck, you just need to generate a Trip Sheet.
  • Dispatch Board: You can also see all of your changes reflected in the Dispatch Board widgets.

Driver Logs

Unless you live under a rock, you know that TruckLogics now has an electronic driver log system!

While our new driver log feature is designed for our app, you can access the logs themselves from the web. You are able to download and email logs as a driver or a fleet manager.

Export to Excel Option

With our latest update, you can now export your expenses, loads, invoices, and dispatches to an Excel file.

Fleet One Integration

Using our Excel file import option, you can directly upload your Fleet One exported Excel file into TruckLogics. You can find this by going to Accounts >> Expense Transactions >> Upload Fuel Up.

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