Trucking News: Western Star Unveiled 5700XE

It’s Thursday, which means only one more day until Friday! The TruckLogics team hopes you all are having a delightful week and haven’t had to deal with too many bad drivers in tiny cars. I swear they are everywhere. Let me get back on track.

The 5700XE is Western Star’s first Aero Truck. This truck has an auto-adjust hydraulic clutch control that requires no manual adjustment, greasing, and no squeaking. The dedicated air and electrical systems have been color-coded and have separate route standoffs. And when it comes to safety, Western Star took it a step further to include:
  • OnGuard – a radar safety system that can detect stationary objects and alert drivers. When alerting the driver, OnGuard can apply up to 50% of the truck’s braking power and reduce engine torque to help avoid collisions.
  • Land Departure Warning System – This system alerts a driver if the truck starts to drift out of the lane without a turning signal on. 
  • All Steel Cab: This is Western Star’s trademark. After it has been reinforced for added strength and safety, it goes through a 12-stage e-coat process to resist corrosion and last forever.
  • Mirrors: The 5700XE boasts cab mounted heated mirrors for the clearest view without vibrations.
  • ABS with Stability Control – This system gives you precision control in treacherous driving conditions. Also included are Electronic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control for a solid platform. 
So enough about the safety and technical stuff, let’s get on to the interior…
It’s beautiful. When you see the pictures you would never believe it is the interior of a semi-truck. It is very spacious, and oh so luxurious. There are real wood cabinets and wood accents throughout, Ultraleather seats, and high-quality double stitching for durability. I swear you can smell the leather interior just looking at the images. To keep you ultra cozy in all climate conditions there is a NITE Phoenix non-idling HVAC system and Espar diesel heater.

This truck is a sight to behold. The look is tough and aerodynamic with an interior that rivals 5-star hotels. The safety features of this truck really make it stand out and highlight Western Star’s commitment to designing the safest trucks on the road. Now all I want to know is what colors it comes in. What are your thoughts on the new 5700XE?

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