The Trucking Benefits Of Route Planning Software

No one knows more about the open road than truckers do. They can tell you about where the best quesadilla from the middle of nowhere Tennessee can be found and where the prettiest views in Oregon are.

However, they still end up frequently heading to new locations. Whenever they head for a new drop-off or pick-up location having the best route can prevent them from getting lost, wasting fuel, and more. It can even prevent having to circle the facility four or five times before they figure out where to go. You can make these issues nonexistent by fining the best trucking routes.

The Trucking Benefits Of Route Planning Software

You may be wondering what the big deal is about route planning software because it’s like a GPS. It can take you from start to finish, with the number of miles and the estimated amount of time the trip will take included.

However, route planning software does so much more than a GPS can. For example, a GPS just shows you a few different routes, then you have to research the best option yourself. Truck routing software already knows the best routes for trucks and will show you the best options for your drivers.

These routes that are specifically for trucks avoid areas of complicated downtown areas. This lowers the chances of your drivers having to face sudden left turns and tight squeezes. Because wrecks are most common at left-turn intersections, this can reduce your risk of accidents.

You can also leave specific instructions for drivers about the pick-up and drop-off locations so they knew exactly where to go. Some facilities are hugs, to by explaining where they need to go tons of valuable time can be saved.

Also, truck routing software, like ProMiles, allows you to plan your route according to your specific needs. For example, if your trying to create some savings and increase your rate per mile you can choose the most fuel-efficient route. However, if you’re on a tight deadline you can also choose the fastest route.

ProMiles also shows you the best fuel prices along your route so you can plan the best places to stop and fill up.

Route planning software can also take the pain out of IFTA. Every time you plan a trip it can be added to your trip log. Then all of your information required for IFTA will be totaled up on quarterly IFTA report that can be downloaded, printed, emailed, and used to complete your return!

If your ELD device goes down, you will still need to provide a trip log for your past 7 days. By automatically recording your trip sheets route planning software will allow you to have that information readily available! TruckLogics also makes it easy to record electronic driver logs online.

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